Version 6.2b 05/21/2024

  1. Fixes a navigation error in the help.
  2. In rare cases the state diagram could stop.
  3. The mechanical connection of switches and contacts no longer worked in version 6.2a.
  4. The online licensing could show an error message at log in when using a proxy.
  5. It is now possible to define whether the numbering of the digital and analog ports of the EasyPort starts at 0 or 1.
  6. The following functions have been added to the oscilloscope:
    • The recording duration is now up to 120 seconds.
    • The values of the knobs can be entered numerically.
    • The first channel can be inverted like the others.
    • AC coupling is optionally available for all four channels.

Version 6.2a 03/13/2024

  1. The part number is now displayed in the reports.
  2. The GRAFCET variable check has been improved.
  3. Improves the display of the line jump.
  4. The positions of cylinders and valves are displayed correctly when printing and exporting.
  5. The standard Windows dialog is now used for file selection, which also offers a larger preview.
  6. Includes more units for the American market.
  7. Fixes minor errors in the dialog of the text links.
  8. The analog I/O blocks correspond to the EasyPort. There the digital bits are designated with 0..7, but the ports are labeled from 1.
  9. The selection dialog of the supplied circuit diagrams remembers the last opened folder.
  10. The help menu contains links to video tutorials.
  11. The supplied circuit diagrams are now opened with the units defined by the user.
  12. The component library contains new and revised components:
    • Hydraulic symbol 4/3-way proportional valve
    • An alternative representation of a constant voltage source
    • An alternative representation of the mass symbol
    • Two alternative representations of a three-phase alternator
    • Circuit breaker with thermal tripping
    • Neutral conductor isolator
    • Passive components (ANSI/NEMA)
    • Semiconductors (ANSI/NEMA)
  13. The force profile of the cylinder was not always correctly considered.
  14. The units and value ranges of the fluid properties have been adjusted
  15. Fixes an error in the GRAFCET simulation that could lead to an infinite loop.
  16. The OPC nodes used are optionally saved as a file.
  17. The pneumatic manifold no longer shows warnings when outputs are not connected.
  18. The settings of the failure configurations were not always considered correctly.
  19. Some language-dependent texts in the supplied didactics material have been revised.
  20. Contains adaptions for the licensing of the new 365 licenses.

Version 6.2 12/13/2023

  1. This version supports the new 365 licenses.
  2. Circuit diagrams that have been created with the Web Version of FluidSIM can be used.
  3. For some profiles created with older versions, the “New” menu item did not work.
  4. The unit “Temperature phase” can now be selected for the motor protection switch
  5. Some unit conversions have been corrected.
  6. It is now possible to define whether the numbering of the digital module starts at 0 or 1.
  7. Fixes an error when connecting the GRAFCET synchronization.
  8. In some profiles the dialog for text input was initially displayed too small.
  9. When using the online licensing, the license could be lost in rare cases directly after logging in.
  10. Updates the component library.

Version 6.1c 06/22/2023

  1. New failure models have been added for the TP 1022 lamp and fuse.
  2. Encrypted files sometimes could not be printed.
  3. Fixes a crash in the parameter dialogs of some components.
  4. Improves the display of constant signals in the oscilloscope.
  5. The sample circuits of the TP 1121 technology package are now included.
  6. The component library of electrical engineering now contains the extension component set installation and relay technology TP 1022.
  7. Two circuit diagrams in TP 1011 have been updated.
  8. Improves display and text alignment of line attributes.
  9. Corrects an error in line drawing.
  10. Inserting cross references sometimes did not work correctly.
  11. Attribute links to lines are now displayed correctly.
  12. Improves the calculation of column widths in reports.

Version 6.1b 02/21/2023

  1. Fixes a bug related to T-distributors on drawing layers and within groups.
  2. Prevents too short user names from being entered for online licensing in the installation dialog.
  3. Fixes a display error in the login dialog for online licensing.
  4. Since version 6.0c the state diagrams were no longer printed or exported correctly.
  5. The options under “View” are now saved with the user profile.
  6. Another failure model has been added to lamps and fuses.
  7. The settings for the OPC UA server can now be saved with the project.
  8. GRAFCET variables for the OPC server are automatically issued as REAL or BOOL depending on the context.
  9. EasyPorts with ESP 32 hardware are supported.
  10. Prevents an error message when a blind plug is connected via a line.
  11. The pneumatics library contains under “supply elements” silencers and blind plugs which can be used independently of the connector’s terminators.
  12. The hydraulics library contains another counterbalance valve.

Version 6.1a 10/26/2022

  1. Fixes a bug in the handling of silencers at pneumatic connectors.
  2. Some settings of physical units were reset to default values when FluidSIM was closed.
  3. Some global settings were not saved with the user profile.
  4. The display of electrical state variables and their units has been improved.
  5. A proxy server can now optionally be specified during installation.
  6. For some components the correct help page with the component description was not opened.
  7. A bug when creating macro objects has been resolved.
  8. Prevents a misleading message about missing CodeMeter drivers.
  9. Added support for the following additional, mostly Imperial, units:
    • Cubic inch (in3)
    • Cubic feet (ft3)
    • Cubic feet per minute (cfm)
    • Standard cubic feet per minute (scfm)
    • Inch of mercury (inHg)
    • Millimeter of mercury (mmHg)

Version 6.1 08/26/2022

  1. Corrects the representation of some symbols.
  2. Suppresses a repeated question after saving projects.
  3. Fixes an error in the appearance of drawing frames after an undo action.
  4. In rare cases cylinder labels were not set correctly when loading projects.
  5. Fixes a rare simulation error.
  6. The current path numbering is now printed correctly.
  7. The sound of the horn can now be turned off during simulation.
  8. The state variables of some components were not shown in the diagram.
  9. The dominant pneumatic signal of directional valves did not work correctly.
  10. The GRAFCET view mode did not always work correctly.
  11. Adds another error model to the electrical fuses.
  12. The circuits to the TP 1024 technology package are now included.
  13. When a cylinder and the associated distance rule are selected, the dialog of the cylinder now appears when “Properties…” is clicked.
  14. The pneumatic compressed air supply can now also generate a negative pressure.
  15. Two more conveyor belt modules are available in the component library.
  16. The conveyor belt modules can now be connected to alternating current motors.
  17. The valve configurator provides an alternative symbol for the pedal actuation.
  18. The installer now supports a parameter to control the automatic search for updates for all users.
  19. In the login dialog for the online license, a saved password can no longer be displayed in plain text.

Version 6.0d 05/12/2022

  1. Renaming of component library symbols in configuration mode is now saved in the profile.
  2. In GRAFCET special characters and umlauts in the variables sometimes led to errors.
  3. When closing the program, a message that a background process is still running sometimes appeared erroneously.
  4. Some pages of the component dialogs were not adjusted correctly when resizing the dialog.
  5. In version 6.0c some transistors did not work anymore.
  6. Improves SVG export and graphical representation in the clipboard.
  7. Corrects internal rounding errors on loading circuit files.
  8. Includes several adaptations and improvements of the OPC UA interface.
  9. User-defined project attributes are exported as “string” by the OPC UA server.
  10. Browsing the node structure of connected OPC UA servers is much faster.

Version 6.0c 04/04/2022

  1. Prevents accidental moving of connector texts by allowing these texts to be moved only if they were previously selected without the associated symbol.
  2. The dialog for DXF import sometimes did not show a preview.
  3. The CodeMeter driver installation sometimes failed on Windows Server systems.
  4. When exporting, the selection of pages remains until the next program start.
  5. Line ends in properties dialogs are now more distinguishable.
  6. Snap options now affect the already drawn line segments of the polygon course being created.
  7. Double-clicking on the digital module in the project tree did not always open the corresponding window.
  8. When closing the window of the digital module, the whole project was sometimes closed.
  9. Displaying the pressure values via the ‘P’ key did not always work.
  10. Fixees a rare crash with certain system languages.
  11. The line style of the lines was not correctly taken into account when exporting and copying to the clip-board.
  12. Improves the quality of vector graphics when copying circuits to the clipboard.
  13. Improves the quality of bitmap exports.
  14. Simulation of single selected pages did not always work.
  15. The colored frame when simulating the different GRAFCET modes is now displayed again.
  16. The mechanical link of the semi-rotary cylinder was sometimes not considered correctly.
  17. Adds files with NEMA symbols to the example circuits.
  18. The example circuits of the MecLab version of FluidSIM are installed with the full version.
  19. Includes stability improvements when using the online license.
  20. On some PC the OPC Classic connection did not work in the 64 bit version.
  21. The model of the operational amplifier of the electronics library has been corrected.
  22. Some reference designations could not be accessed directly in GRAFCET.
  23. The model of the DC permanent-magnet motor in the electronics library was improved.
  24. The supplied circuit diagrams for the “ Conveyor module” were corrected.
  25. The option to show the reference arrow was sometimes not saved correctly with the circuit.
  26. The digital input can now be used in OPC UA.
  27. The position of the label for relays and switches has been improved.
  28. If an alias is specified for a component parameter, it represents a global variable and is named by the OPC server without any further additions.
  29. Throttle check valves in pneumatics and hydraulics are available in different orientations in the compo-nent library for more convenient use.
  30. Individual schedules for online usage can now be defined in the License Manager.
  31. Syntactical errors in GRAFCET are highlighted in the circuit diagram.
  32. The voltage profile of the function generator is now correctly applied.
  33. The menu command “Close all windows” sometimes also closed modified projects without confirmation.
  34. The tooltip in the parameter dialog sometimes displayed the wrong “Min” value.

Version 6.0b 11/23/2021 (Hotfix)

  1. Under certain circumstances, the online license could not be used because the login failed.

[Version 6.0b 11/15/2021]

  1. The recovery of the opened files was sometimes not up to the last state before the unexpected program termination.
  2. When starting FluidSIM with an online license, the login dialog sometimes did not appear.
  3. In the digital module, the display of line jumps is now handled correctly.
  4. Updates the EasyKit drivers, so that the hardware is also correctly recognized under 64 bit.
  5. Some folder paths could not be adjusted when using the restricted profiles supplied with 6.0a.
  6. Updates some component symbols in the TP 601 supplied circuits.
  7. Fluidic designations are no longer framed by default.
  8. Improves compatibility of existing version 5 presentations.
  9. Saved login data can be deleted in the license manager as well as in the login dialog of online licensing.
  10. License tickets inserted into existing CodeMeter USB sticks are correctly recognized by FluidSIM.
  11. The OPC UA server now generates the node IDs as strings by default. Optionally, it is possible to switch to integer.
  12. The node IDs of the variables remain unchanged as long as there are no collisions.
  13. Status variables are provided by the OPC server as BOOL instead of INT before.
  14. The assignment of OPC variables in the properties dialog of the components now also works before the component has been given a designation.
  15. Spanish and French translations have been added. Additionally, the Spanish manual is now available in a completely translated version.
  16. The configuration dialog for the menu ribbons now shows the assigned keyboard shortcuts.
  17. The license manager now allows renaming the user name and deleting the entire user account.
  18. The license manager displays more meaningful messages in case of errors.
  19. The line style of lines on layer level is now correctly handled for PDF export.
  20. The active page is highlighted more clearly in the project tree.
  21. Moving folders and pages in the project tree is now better visualized.
  22. When a project tab is activated in the project window, the last active page of the associated project comes to the foreground.
  23. User libraries are automatically saved when FluidSIM is closed. In the context menu of the library tab, the corresponding library can now also be saved explicitly.
  24. The background calculation of motor parameters did not always work correctly.
  25. Texts were sometimes missing in the PDF export.
  26. Prevents a rare crash in case of invalid page division.
  27. The drop-down lists in the cylinder and valve configuration dialog showed the items twice.
  28. The control unit (pulse width modulation) could not be simulated in version 6.
  29. The cursor keys can now be used to navigate through the project tree as follows:
    • ENTER –> Open selected page. If the SHIFT key is pressed, the current page is closed, if it belongs to the same project.
    • SHIFT + UP/DOWN –> Open next page. The current page will be closed if it belongs to the same project.
    • DEL –> The selected page or project node is deleted after confirmation.
    • The following was already possible: CTRL + UP/DOWN –> Moves the selected node in the project tree.

Version 6.0a 07/12/2021

  1. Fixes a crash when opening the font dialog box multiple times.
  2. The dialogs for selecting OPC-Classic Server and Item can now be opened.
  3. User-defined templates can now be deleted in template management.
  4. In the ribbon bar there are now commands to show and hide the component library and the project tree.
  5. The file size for PDF export is now significantly reduced.
  6. The license server is now found more reliably after a network interruptions.
  7. Automatic line routing at T-distributors have been improved.
  8. Fixes an error in the OPC UA assignment of manually operated switches.
  9. The mechanical connection of electrical contacts can be displayed in coherent representation.
  10. The symbols of the AC relays are now different from the DC relays.
  11. The setup installs the CodeMeter Runtime 7.21a, which contains security improvements.

Version 6.0 06/09/2021

Initial release of FluidSIM 6.