Version 6.0a 07/12/2021

  1. Fixes a crash when opening the font dialog box multiple times.
  2. The dialogs for selecting OPC-Classic Server and Item can now be opened.
  3. User-defined templates can now be deleted in template management.
  4. In the ribbon bar there are now commands to show and hide the component library and the project tree.
  5. The file size for PDF export is now significantly reduced.
  6. The license server is now found more reliably after a network interruptions.
  7. Automatic line routing at T-distributors have been improved.
  8. Fixes an error in the OPC UA assignment of manually operated switches.
  9. The mechanical connection of electrical contacts can be displayed in coherent representation.
  10. The symbols of the AC relays are now different from the DC relays.
  11. The setup installs the CodeMeter Runtime 7.21a, which contains security improvements.

Version 6.0 06/09/2021

Initial release of FluidSIM 6.