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The new version 6 now offers special components, functions and educational material for training in the automotive sector.

Update to version
6.2b from 05/21/2024

With version 6 we attend to the demands of our customers, who wish to apply FluidSIM for trainings in the field of automotive engineering. As an extension to the already existing version for electrical engineering, FluidSIM 6 offers additional functionalities and content tailored to suit the automotive sector:

  • Automotive-related components
  • Virtual measuring devices
  • Failure models and diagnosis
  • Extensive learning material
  • Numerous additional circuits tailored to fit the laboratory-trainings by THEPRA

Automotive related components

The component library was complemented with units typically used in the automotive sector. This includes purpose-build switches, e.g. the ignition-starter switch, fog light switch, hazard flasher switch and thermal switch. Furthermore, a configurable switch with up to three inputs and with six outputs each is available.

Fuses and lamps with typical power values can be found in the component library as well. In order to enable the simulation of higher "start-up currents", a temperature-dependent resistance was added to the physical model of the lamp.

For trainings in the field of sensor technology, amongst others temperature-dependent resistances, pressure sensors, photodiodes, reluctance speed sensor and hallsensor are made available. For the field of actuation technology, a pulse-width-modulation generator, relays, hazard flasher relay, electric engines, proportional adjustment units and injectors can be used.

Automotive related components

Virtual measuring devices

In addition to real-life measuring devices that can be built into a circuit before the simulation, FluidSIM offers virtual measuring devices. During a simulation multiple of those can be deployed to show various state values. Contrary to real-life measuring devices, virtual measuring devices do not influence the circuit but they simply indicate the values of the circuit as simulated by FluidSIM. Via measuring tips there is the possibility to connect virtual measurement lines to all component connectors. Virtual measuring devices cannot only be used in electrical engineering, but also in pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. The virtual measuring devices can be easily accessed via the diagnosis toolbar. In the toolbar the most important measurement variables - voltage, amperage, pressure and pressure flow - are pre-defined and can be used directly.

Failure models and diagnosis

FluidSIM offers a novel diagnosis concept. For different components, there are failure models available that depict typical defects. Components’ defects can be readily aggregated to a failure configuration by the use of a custom dialog . Before starting a simulation, selected failure configurations can be chosen. Thus, during the subsequent simulation it is possible to identify defective components (e.g. via the virtual measuring devices) which then can be directly fixed virtually. The correctness of the selection of the faulty component can be shown to support the learner according to his or her knowledge base. Failure configurations can also be secured with a password in order to hide selected defects from the learner.

Extensive learning material

The learning material has been extended by automotive learning scenarios from the training field 3 “Identify and eliminate functional failures”. This material can be directly used in the learning courses. Each training scenario follows an action-oriented structure. First, a realistic problem description is given, followed by related theory and exercises. Finally, the learnings are applied in a diagnosis of a deficient circuit layout. This way, the defect can be eliminated, i.e. by making use of the virtual measuring devices and the new failure configuration tool.

Example of automotive didactics material
Example of automotive didactics material
Example of automotive didactics material

THEPRA circuits for laboratory-trainings

THEPRA is the "Automotive Competence Center" and long-standing partner of Festo Didactic. THEPRA offers for example hardware such as laboratory-training for the automotive sector complemented by learning material. The circuit layouts from the learning material of the following laboratory-trainings are included in FluidSIM:

  • Automotive Electrics Training
  • Automotive Electronics Training
  • Automotive Sensors Training
  • Automotive Actuators Training

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Updates and installation media

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