General installation instructions

Update / First installation

With this setup, you can perform a clean installation as well as an update of your existing FluidDraw P5 - Professional installation

  • A Codemeter-Stick with a valid FluidDraw P5 - Professional license is required.
  • An overview with all changes since version 5.0 you can find in our version history.
  • If you want to restore an older version of FluidDraw P5 - Professional you can find the relevant files in our download archive.

Educational version

Students and teachers of an educational institution can request an educational license for FluidDraw 5.

Setup / Update

Version 5.3x from 02/21/2020

Language Download
Language: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese FluidDraw P5 Setup
Version 5.3x from 02/21/2020
195 MB

Demo version / Viewer

Version 5 of FluidDraw can no longer be purchased. Therefore there is no demo version available anymore. If you are interested in FluidDraw, please have a look at the current version 6. The available demo version can also be used as a viewer for files created with version 5 of FluidDraw.

Manual and reference

Date 03.2011

German English
FluidDraw P5 manual FluidDraw P5
manual, German

2 MB
FluidDraw P5 manual FluidDraw P5
manual, English

2 MB

For reading and printing PDF-Documents you need a PDF-viewer like for example the Adobe Acrobat Reader.