FluidSIM® 5

Intuitive simulation

FluidSIM is the leading software for simulating pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical circuits.

Update to version
5.3c from 08/28/2017

FluidSIM 5 is a comprehensive software for the creation, simulation, instruction and study of electropneumatic, electrohydraulic, digital and electronic circuits. All of the program functions interact smoothly, combining different media forms and sources of knowledge in an easily accessible fashion. FluidSIM unites an intuitive circuit diagram editor with detailed descriptions of all components, component photos, sectional view animations and video sequences. As a result FluidSIM is perfect not only for use in lessons but also for the preparation thereof and as a self-study program.

FluidSIM has already won several awards, among others with the Expert System Innovation Award at the expert system meeting XPS in Kaiserslautern, the international Worlddidac Award and the German educational software price. With more than 200,000 installations worldwide since 1995 FluidSIM is one of the most successful software packages in the mechatronic training.

Interactive simulation

FluidSIM allows both the convenient creation of circuits as well as their interactive simulation. Not only state changes and component switches, which result from the system, are calculated. Moreover, the user can interactively operate and activate switches or change-over valves. Also, signals from connected hardware or via an interface from other programs can be transferred. FluidSIM immediately reacts to such events and simulates seamlessly the altered system.

Interaktive Simulation

Extensive library

You build your circuit diagram from a library of hundreds of pneumatic, hydraulic and electronical components. But the component library is not static. It is constantly improved and enriched with new components.

Snapshot of the pneumatics library

Intuitive user interface

With FluidSIM you create your first circuit diagram in only a few minutes. With the intelligent chosen default parameters for all components you can observe physical phenomena in no time.

Default parameter for a simple single acting cylinder

Lightning fast simulations

The simulation core of FluidSIM has been consistently designed for speed, without compromising the accuracy of the results. As a result, electrical signals up to a frequency of 100 kHz can be simulated in FluidSIM.

Electrical simulations up to 100 kHz

Complete didactic materials

The easy intuitive user interface, extensive component library and robust simulation core are complemented with a large collection of didactic materials. Starting point is the integrated tutorial 'Simulating with FluidSIM' which teaches the basics of pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical engineering. Educational films and presentations provide the opportunity to go further and get a deeper understanding of the components.

Example of the didactic materials


Components and learning materials of FluidSIM are divided in three separate technologies. A separate license can be purchased for each technology. The individual technologies cover the following subjects:


  • Pneumatics/Electropneumatics
  • Closed-loop pneumatics
  • Vacuum technique
  • Electrical controls
  • Digital technology
  • GRAFCET (EN 60848)


  • Hydraulics/Electrohydraulics
  • Closed-loop hydraulics/Proportional hydraulics
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Electrical controls
  • Digital technology
  • GRAFCET (EN 60848)

Electrical engineering

  • Electrical engineering (AC/DC)
  • Electrical controls
  • Electrical machines
  • Electronics
  • Closed-loop control
  • Extended digital technology
  • GRAFCET (EN 60848)

Multiple Technologies can be combined and simulated together in one circuit diagram.

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Updates and installation media

If you already own a license for FluidSIM 5 or a previous version, we provide all necessary updates and installation files, to keep your FluidSIM installation up to date, in our download section.