What are the system requirements for FluidSIM 6?

FluidSIM 6 runs on all versions of Windows 8 and later with .Net Framework 4.8 installed, including Windows 11 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). We recommend a dual processor and at least 2 GB of memory on 32-bit systems or 4 GB on 64-bit PCs.

Either a one-time Internet connection is required for activation, or a permanent Internet connection is required when using the online license. Details about this can be found on our separate page with Notes on the use of FluidSIM with or without internet connection.

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I don't use a Windows PC, but Linux, an Apple computer, a Chromebook or another device. How can I still use FluidSIM?

FluidSIM 6 is a native Windows program. There are several ways to use FluidSIM 6 on non-Windows PCs.

  • Parallel Windows Installation

    If you have a computer with an Intel CPU or a compatible AMD processor, the easiest way is to install Windows as an alternative operating system. On Apple computers with Intel CPU this is possible e.g. with “Boot Camp”. When starting the system, you can select which operating system you want to start. However, it is not possible to run Windows and macOS at the same time.

  • Windows in a virtual machine

    FluidSIM can be used under other operating systems by installing a virtual machine like “VMWare” (Mac, Linux) or “Parallels” (Mac) running Windows. This allows a simultaneous operation of the original operating system and FluidSIM in the virtual machine. New Apple computers with M1 processors are still special. These are not compatible with Intel processors, but “Parallels” is currently under development for these devices as well and should be available soon.

  • Remote Desktop

    If a Windows PC is available in the local network or via the Internet, FluidSIM can be operated on the remote PC via a “Remote Desktop” connection or remote maintenance software such as TeamViewer. This variant is suitable for all devices like Macs, Chromebooks, Linux PCs, Android tablets, etc.

  • WINE

    The free software WINE is not a true Windows emulation, but provides a compatibility layer that can run some Windows programs on Linux and macOS. Currently, however, this does not work very stable with FluidSIM. However, we are working on adaptations so that FluidSIM will run under WINE in the future.

  • Browser Version of FluidSIM

    More and more users say goodbye to the classic PC and use mobile devices or use mainly the internet browser. The underlying operating system becomes less important as time goes by. Thus, the trend is that many applications run directly in the browser. So far, the performance for a simulation program like FluidSIM is still too low, but a lot is changing in this respect, so that a FluidSIM variant as a web application (even with reduced features) seems to be realistic. We are watching this development with excitement and are already planning in this direction.

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Licensing / Installation

What types of licensing are available?

For FluidSIM 6 there is currently only the full version available.

You can use the licenses of the full version on any PC without any restrictions. You can choose whether you want to transfer your licenses to individual PCs, make the licenses available to several computers via a license server in the network, or use your licenses as online licenses via the internet. Depending on the requirements of your institution, you can switch flexibly between offline use without an internet connection and online use, which requires a permanent internet connection.

Generally, your licenses for FluidSIM 6 are always provided to you in digital form in a license ticket. You can use the ticket number of this license ticket to access your licenses, which are stored on the Festo license servers.

For a detailed explanation of the different ways to use your licenses, from local activation to online use, please watch the video Licensing management basics of the FluidSIM Youtube Playlist of Festo Didactics.

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