General installation instructions

Update / First installation

With this setup, you can perform a clean installation as well as an update of your existing FluidSIM 6 installation

  • A valid FluidSIM 6 license is required.
  • The instructional videos can be downloaded optionally during the installation.
  • An overview with all changes since version 6.0 you can find in our version history.
  • In many cases we introduce new components with a FluidSIM update. If you restore an older version of FluidSIM it may be that some circuits cannot longer be simulated, if newer components were used in that circuits.

Installation media

The installation medium contains the simulation program as well as the corresponding didactic material including all teaching videos and is available as an ISO image. This image can either be mounted as a drive for installation or unpacked into a folder and the installation can be started from there.
Please note that the installation of an older version over an existing sometimes fails. In such a case it is recommended to remove the existing version using the Control Panel first.

FluidSIM 6

Version 6.0 from 06/09/2021

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Language: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish Contents: FluidSIM 6 (all technologies), License Manager and Activation Wizard FluidSIM 6 ISO-Image
Version 6.0 from 06/09/2021

5.2 GB (DVD+)