Version 6.0g 06/14/2019

  1. The identification of sub-objects was sometimes not correctly concatenated.
  2. The display of predefined page variables of pages with ambiguous names was not always correct.
  3. If an open project on a drive is modified by another application, a prompt appears asking whether the file should be reloaded. The project currently being edited is saved with the “.bak” file extension.
  4. Pneumatic and hydraulic T-distributors now have the designation rule “User-defined” instead of “Free input” by default.
  5. Renumbering of projects sometimes did not work.
  6. For modular products, the ident code is now always inserted as a text attribute, regardless of the setting “Insert symbols with type attribute”.
  7. In the dialog of the common properties of several selected objects, the category “General” was not always available.
  8. In the dialog of the common properties of several marked T-distributors, interruptions and electrical connections, the possible selection of the representation is restricted accordingly.
  9. When interactively changing the cell widths/heights in reports, the function is reversed when the Shift key is held down; by default, the entire table size is changed instead of also changing the adjacent cell.
  10. When selecting a silencer or blind plug in the dialog of the common properties of the connectors, you can directly specify whether the corresponding connection terminators shall appear in parts lists and if the designations shall be displayed.
  11. The ident code expansion now also accepts lower case letters.
  12. Speeds up the refresh of project and object tree views.
  13. Opening and saving of projects with many unplaced objects is faster now.
  14. In some projects unused files “unplaced*.circ” were not deleted.
  15. A page preview is displayed as tooltip in the project window. This can be switched off under “Options/Appearance”.
  16. The default file names/descriptions of new project pages (noname*) are numbered consecutively regardless of the page number.
  17. Files with special national characters in the file name could sometimes not be opened.

Version 6.0f 05/17/2019

  1. The ribbon’s window list now shows page previews.
  2. At first start, the system language is set as default language for FluidDraw, if available.
  3. When the cursor is over the ribbon, menu pages can be scrolled by mouse wheel.
  4. Some valve terminals were not assembled correctly.
  5. When inserting components without symbol, the corresponding text’s designation system is set to “user defined” instead of “free input”, if a part number is assigned.
  6. Bug in connection with cutting grouped objects has been fixed.
  7. Dialog windows are prevented from popping up at invisible locations and thus cause FluidDraw to appear frozen.
  8. “Insert symbols with type attribute” is now functioning again.
  9. Fittings and silencers are now sub-objects of the components to which they are directly connected.
  10. External supply of valves corrected.
  11. Configurable valves can now have pilot air exhausts (with/without connector).
  12. Parts lists as well as parts list views of version 5 now consider global objects.
  13. Dialog boxes of configurable valves and cylinders show an explanation of their function in the drop-down boxes and as a tool tip.
  14. Silencers and blind plugs now have the designation option “suppress inherited parts” as a default.
  15. Editing the designation of sub-objects within reports was sometimes not processed correctly.
  16. If more than one object is selected, the online services context menu shows a sub-menu with a preview of the objects followed by the different service menu items (like the “jump to reference” menu).
  17. If the selection option “all objects” is inactive, objects within groups can be selected by mouse click.
  18. The zoom factor was not shown correctly on high-dpi monitors.
  19. Access to Festo online shopping cart was broken due to server changes regarding TLS.
  20. The terminal’s level can now optionally be displayed with its designation.
  21. The terminal’s level can be defined before setting multiple terminals and also in the common object properties dialog.
  22. The order of project folders in the project window can be changed by drag&drop while holding the Ctrl key. In addition, by pressing the Ctrl key together with “cursor up/down” the selected page or folder can be moved one position up and down, respectively.
  23. When changing the “description” within reports, the new value was sometimes not applied.
  24. The deactivated two-letter designation was not applied after restart.

Version 6.0e 04/05/2019

  1. Selection of multiple objects with enabled selection “connectors” was sometimes very slow.
  2. Memory leak fixed.
  3. The 30-day test version could sometimes not re-open saved files.
  4. When exporting reports and tables, no additional separator is output at the end of the line.
  5. In reports, the new properties “Object type” (object-type) and “Drawing layer” (drawing-layer) are available for evaluation and filtering.
  6. In reports, the “Connector type” (connector-type) and the “Page” (page) are available for evaluation of connectors. The page is also available for conduction lines.
  7. When evaluating connectors, now the outputted identification consists of the component identification and the connector identification. The individual identification of the connector is available via the new property “Connector identification” (connector-designation).
  8. When the page of a component is displayed in a report, the complete designation consisting of sheet number and designation is now output.
  9. An error has been fixed that sometimes the set value of a filter criterion was not accepted directly.
  10. Two new report templates “Connectors list” and “Object list” added.

Version 6.0d 03/20/2019

  1. When inserting potentials and interruptions, you can specify in advance whether an associated label is to be displayed.
  2. Designation of potentials and interruptions now correctly react under “Selection” to “Component designation” instead of “Attribute texts”.
  3. Straight lines could sometimes not be selected.
  4. The editing of parts lists and reports did not work for some characters assigned as keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Some predefined standard shortcuts were not always executed correctly.
  6. When importing version 4 circuit diagrams, mirrored circular arcs were sometimes not correctly displayed.
  7. The ribbon now contains a list of currently open windows.
  8. PDF files with embedded images are more compact.

Version 6.0c 03/11/2019

  1. Undo/Redo sometimes had no effect on cable and terminal strip assignments.
  2. The symbol preview of “insert from Festo catalog” was not always refreshed correctly.
  3. Project templates were sometimes not treated correctly when added to “manage templates” manually.
  4. Designation rules as well as connector properties can be edited in the “common properties” dialog.
  5. Multiple connectors can be selected in order to edit their properties at the same time.
  6. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.
  7. New drawing frames can be created directly from within the management dialog.
  8. Paper size is considered when distributing valve terminals to multiple pages.
  9. New connector fitting is available for pneumatic connectors in addition to blind plugs and silencers.
  10. Sometimes, unnecessary global objects were created when inserting objects from catalog.
  11. Newly created custom title blocks could not be opened again.
  12. Some template folder paths were not stored correctly.

Version 6.0b 02/21/2019

  1. In the options dialog, the default font can be chosen from a drop-down list.
  2. When resetting to defaults, the preview in the manage templates dialog did not work.
  3. Terminal strips and cables were deleted from projects even if they were still referenced.
  4. Fixes an error when editing several terminals in the common object properties dialog.

Version 6.0a 02/15/2019

  1. Suppresses an error message regarding database access to the Festo catalog at program startup.
  2. The ribbon menus (ribbons) can be customized by configuration dialog.
  3. Custom menu shortcuts can be assigned to the menu commands.
  4. The file verification of encrypted files did not work properly
  5. Drawing frames that contain attribute names with certain special characters have not been saved correctly.
  6. Prevents accidental overwriting of the supplied drawing frames.
  7. When the context menu is opened by right-clicking, the underlying object is selected, if no other objects are already selected.
  8. The selection of the default translation table in the options dialog now works correctly.
  9. When inserting components from the Festo catalog, order codes can now also be entered manually.
  10. Program texts for different languages corrected and added.
  11. Changes in the template dialog were not applied if no file was selected.
  12. The last project was loaded at program start even if FluidDraw had previously been closed without an open project.
  13. When folding marks were switched on, the page division was incorrectly positioned.
  14. The manual page division was sometimes not adopted if the drawing frame was changed in a parent node.
  15. Fixes an error when exporting DXF polylines.
  16. Version 5 custom drawing frames are displayed by default in the template dialog. In addition, frame files in CIRC format as well as any projects can be imported as drawing frames.
  17. When inserting symbols into user libraries, the uniqueness of the symbol name is now checked.
  18. When deleting or renaming symbols in user libraries, it is now checked if there is a reference in the corresponding user database.
  19. Editing project templates from the managing dialog is now possible.
  20. Parts lists that contain global objects were sometimes not updated.
  21. Global objects of valve terminals or maintenance units were not automatically deleted when the sub-objects were deleted.
  22. For the ident code expansion, the parent object was sometimes not set correctly.
  23. The settings for warnings and automatic connection can now also be set for hydraulic connections.
  24. In the options dialog, the preview windows for objects and pages in the object browser can be switched off.
  25. Fixes an error in the context menu of the template dialog.
  26. The default path for single files of version 5 can now be set in the options dialog.
  27. Resetting the single-digit reference designation did not work.
  28. Page attributes and predefined page-specific variables were sometimes not updated correctly.
  29. Images in table cells are now behind the grid lines.
  30. When converting a single Version 5 page to the new format, sometimes the original file did not close properly.

Version 6.0 of 11/22/2018

First, official release of FluidDraw 6