Version 5.3x 02/21/2020

  1. Avoids a false message that the file could not be saved correctly.

Version 5.3w 02/05/2020

  1. If the Educational version has expired, a corresponding message appears.
  2. In the dialog “Multiple connection lines”, the maximum number of lines is now 500 instead of 16.
  3. When renumbering cables, the maximum start value is now 999999999 instead of 100.
  4. An error when drawing horizontal conduction lines has been fixed.
  5. The Wibu CodeMeter drivers of version 7.x are supported.

Version 5.3v 08/22/2019

  1. When using certain characters in symbol descriptions, the corresponding library could sometimes not be loaded.
  2. Page references in parts lists were sometimes lost when renaming pages.
  3. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.
  4. When clicking on objects in very large drawings, the window view sometimes jumped to the upper left corner.
  5. Some adoptions to high resolution monitors have been made.

Version 5.3u 06/26/2018

  1. Attribute links were not updated when renaming project attributes.
  2. Sometimes, pages and parts lists were not translated when changing the catalog language. (Starter version only)
  3. Background tasks improved.
  4. Prevents a crash when selecting a menu item without an active page.
  5. Sometimes, tubes did not appear in parts lists.

Version 5.3t 04/26/2018

  1. The symbol library and the provided product data base have been updated.
  2. Bugfix for PDF export with large embedded images.
  3. Circles with transparent background are now exported correctly to PDF.
  4. Multiline attribute texts are now exported correctly to PDF.
  5. When saving a project as new, sometimes not all properties were adopted.
  6. Bugfix for DXF import with ASCII encoding.
  7. Bugfix for DXF export of arrows.
  8. When moving objects by the cursor keys, the grid snap can be deactivated by pressing and holding the Ctrl key.
  9. When inserting shopping carts, sorting list items could lead to line swapping.
  10. The “Edit…” button in the “Select drawing frame” dialog is enabled for user-defined frames.
  11. If user-defined components contained a Festo part number, catalog attributes were sometimes not listed correctly in parts lists.

Version 5.3s 01/25/2018

  1. Character encoding can be selected for DXF as well as for parts lists export.
  2. In rare cases, simple texts could not be pasted from clipboard.
  3. Lines on hidden drawing layers are suppressed in DXF export.

Version 5.3r 09/15/2017

  1. Rounding error in print function fixed.
  2. In text objects, the “Enter” key normally inserts a line break. If you rather like to close the dialog by “Enter” you can set the registry key “CloseTextboxOnEnter” (HKCU) to the value “True”. In this case a line break can be inserted by “Ctrl” + “Enter”.
  3. Wire links were sometimes not drawn correctly in terminal diagrams.

Version 5.3q 07/03/2017

  1. Sometimes, the order of terminals of a terminal strip was not saved correctly. (Professional version only).
  2. The assignment of terminals and cables was sometimes not correct after duplicating a page. (Professional version only).
  3. Sometimes, the exchange of a logo bitmap within a drawing frame was not stored correctly.
  4. After cancelling the piston length dialog of the insert dialog, an item with the amount of “0” was added.
  5. The dialog for adding a symbol to a custom database now shows all custom libraries. In case of assigning a symbol which does not match the selected database, the symbol is automatically copied to the corresponding custom library. (Professional version only).
  6. The identcode text is now placed better, so that it does not interfere with connectors. Moreover, the text is no longer part of the symbol group, so that it can be moved without ungrouping the symbols. (Professional version only).
  7. The list box for selecting the main component of a sub-symbol is wider, so that also long designation strings can be read. (Professional version only).
  8. Designation rules, the cross-reference representation and the language of projects and pages can now be copied from global settings of the options menu. As a default, page and project properties are no longer inherited from the global settings at runtime so that the representation is not dependent on individual settings of a PC. However, this behavior can be changed by setting the registry entry “InheritFromGlobalOptions” (HKCU) to the value “True”. (Professional version only).
  9. After resetting to factory settings, “Insert from product catalog” did not work until next FluidDraw start.
  10. When inserting from Festo Quick Search, objects are now placed on the active page, if possible.
  11. Objects inserted from file could sometimes overlap.
  12. The drawing frame file was not always found if a page was not part of a project.
  13. Two terminals that are connected by a bridge did not appear as targets in the terminal assignment diagram. (Professional version only).
  14. The link to the Wibu WebAdmin from within the license dialog did sometimes not work. (Professional version only).
  15. Predefined attributes of custom databases cannot be erroneously renamed. (Professional version only).
  16. The input area as well as the character map of the text object now consider the delected font.
  17. DXF import improved and new options added.
  18. In order to avoid confusion, page numbering can optionally skip letters “I” and “O”. (Professional version only).
  19. A warning is shown if translation tables contain numbers or designations as text IDs. (Professional version only).
  20. The insert dialog now shows translations for custom translation tables. (Professional version only).
  21. The translation table is now available in the parts list view. (Professional version only).
  22. Column widths within translation tables are calculated better. (Professional version only).
  23. Some column headers were not translated if the target language was not available as program language but only as product catalog language.
  24. For symbols that consist of a group a text element holding the product data is inserted even if the option “Insert symbols with type attribute” is disabled.
  25. In the drawing layer dialog, the layer properties can be adopted from another page. The page selection dialog now shows the project pages in hierarchical view instead of a flat list.
  26. The browse attribute dialog now shows all objects in hierarchical view. Moreover, the dialog considers the page language and translation tables, if available.
  27. The scale operation is automatically switched off for very tiny objects in order to avoid unintentional scaling or rotating when trying to move the objects. The tolerance can be adjusted with the registry entry “AutoScaleMinSize” (HKCU). The value ‘0’ switches off the automatic.
  28. The function “Enable scale” has to be activated explicitly. Until now, for drawing elements and tables the scale mode was entered automatically if the mouse cursor was close to an edge. This automatic can be re-activated by the Registry entry “AutoScaleMode” (HKCU).
  29. The warning for duplicated connector labels is suppressed if the corresponding superordinated objects have different designations.
  30. The option “Object appears in parts lists” of the common properties dialog was not applied for macro objects.
  31. Assigning pen properties did sometimes not work for dimensioning. (Professional version only).
  32. Zoom factor and scroll positions are stored in addition to window positions on exit.
  33. Project texts export no longer contains designations but project description, page descriptions and folder descriptions of the project tree.
  34. Unplaced objects were sometimes updated with a delay. (Professional version only).
  35. When inserting Festo products, the type is automatically applied as identcode if there is no identcode assigned. This automatic can be switched off by the Registry entry “SetTypeAttribAsIdentCode” (HKCU).
  36. The option “foreground/background” is now also available for text objects. Thus, e.g. texts within drawing frames can be placed in background.
  37. CSV import is more tolerant of column delimiters.
  38. The project tree was sometimes not updated completely.
  39. Archiving projects could overwrite the original files in rare cases.
  40. Layout bug in print dialog resolved.
  41. In case there is no license available when launching FluidDraw, all currently running FluidDraw instances including user and computer names are listed. (Professional version only).
  42. When inserting identcodes from clipboard, product data are assigned in addition to symbol expansion, if internet access is available. (Professional version only).
  43. The designation of copied sub-objects was sometimes not applied correctly. (Professional version only).
  44. Alignment of grouped objects did not always place corresponding texts correctly.
  45. Parts list cells with “read-only” attribute could sometimes be edited. However, the changes did not have any effect.
  46. Calculation of macro extensions improved.
  47. The last data set of shopping cards was sometimes not processed.

Version 5.3p 11/29/2016 (Hotfix)

  1. The cable’s attribute texts sometimes could disappear.
  2. Symbols that made use of the new terminator type “exhaust without connection” sometimes lost the connection lines of their other connectors.
  3. Bug fix to Identcode expansion of MSB service units.

Version 5.3p 10/27/2016

  1. Loading of projects with many unplaced objects is faster now.
  2. Rotated bitmaps were sometimes not displayed correctly if the rotation angle was 90 and 270 degrees, respectively.
  3. Folders could not always be moved within the project hierarchy. (Professional version only).
  4. Re-arranging the project hierarchy could lead to wrongly inherited parts of the designation. (Professional version only).
  5. With some printer drivers the paper format was not adopted from the print dialog.
  6. The scroll range is now determined by the window’s content.
  7. The paper orientation can now be set manually in the DXF import dialog.
  8. Catalog attributes are now also available for graphics elements (such as circles, rectangles, etc.).
  9. Text designations could disappear when applying common properties if the texts were used as a symbol.
  10. FluidDraw remembers the recently used custom data base and translation table. (Professional version only).
  11. When inserting parts from a file the component designations were sometimes not set correctly.
  12. When inserting parts from a file the component attributes were sometimes not adopted if the supplier was set to Festo but the pat number could not be found in the product catalog.
  13. “Renumber designations” considers all projects pages and fills numbering gaps.
  14. Identcodes of valve terminals type 35P-… are expanded as symbols.
  15. Some symbols revised and updated.
  16. The provided drawing frames contain the appropriate system variables for “Project description”, “Installation” and “Location”.
  17. Parts lists refresh of large projects improved.
  18. Scaled texts were sometimes not exported correctly to DXF.
  19. Some adoptions to high resolution monitors have been made.
  20. A bug in connection with the insertion of a symbol into an existing line has been fixed.
  21. Tube lists and wiring lists did sometimes not show the target object’s designation correctly.
  22. Exhaust without connection possibility can be set to pneumatic connectors. Please note that this terminator is only available if the base symbol is suitable.
  23. From within the connector’s dialog you can jump directly to the corresponding terminator’s properties dialog.
  24. When duplicating pages in the project tree some objects references were not set correctly. Moreover, the original page’s current state was sometimes not saved.

Version 5.3o 06/03/2016

  1. The automatic line designation now suppresses the ‘:’ between component and connector in the case the connector has no designation. (Professional version only).
  2. DXF import improved.
  3. Fit to window sometimes did not work correctly with high resolution displays.
  4. Sometimes, in parts lists the columns ‘location’ were not merged correctly.
  5. Automatic designation framing did sometimes not work correctly. (Starter version only).
  6. Mouse wheel’s scroll direction can be reversed for zooming.
  7. Two new system variables are available: “%ProjectDescription” and “%ParentDescription”. In case of hierarchical structures the variable can be concatenated accordingly: “%ParentParentDescription”, etc.
  8. With “Insert from file…” custom data bases are considered, if a applicable supplier is entered. (Professional version only).
  9. The parts lists settings provide an option if user-defined attributes overwrite catalog attributes with same name. Otherwise, two columns are displayed in case of conflicts.
  10. When opening the selection dialog, the last custom database / translation table is selected as a default. (Professional version only).
  11. Lines an actuation labels were not displayed correctly for some basic unit lengths. (Professional version only).
  12. Representation of some valve bodies of configurable valves has been improved.
  13. Filled rectangles as well as circles are represented correctly when exported as DXF.
  14. Bitmap export improved.
  15. PDF export improved. (Professional version only).

Version 5.3n 12/08/2015

  1. The contact image representation was sometimes not correct. (Professional version only).
  2. In order to avoid unintended moving and editing of connector labels, a new menu item “Protect connector texts” under “Edit” is available.
  3. Some symbols have been corrected.
  4. After “Save as…” of projects the subsequently entered properties were not applied.
  5. DXF import has now scaling facilities.
  6. The inherited parts of cross references and contact images can be suppressed optionally (page and page number).
  7. Some adoptions to high resolution monitors have been made.
  8. An interruption display error has been rectified.
  9. The catalog’s search dialog selects the last applied data base as default. (Professional version only).
  10. Cross-project terminal diagrams were sometimes refreshed with a delay.
  11. The sort order of terminal strip terminals was sometimes not correct.
  12. Internal and external terminal targets were sometimes not displayed correctly..
  13. The terminal strip dialog now remembers its scroll position.
  14. The automatic arrow direction of interruptions can be switched on and off by the registry entry “AutoLineDirection” (HKCU).
  15. Object designations are now displayed in the Starter version by default.
  16. DXF Import has been improved.
  17. Parts list management has been improved.
  18. Translation tables were not updated if the file extension was changed. (Professional version only).
  19. The Demo version now supports jumping to interruption and cross-reference targets.

Version 5.3m 10/09/2015

  1. An error occurring when routing lines in certain basic unit lengths has been rectified
  2. On changing the basic unit length, the drawing frame remains unchanged.
  3. With “Save as…” temporary files were not deleted.
  4. Blind plugs and silencers are automatically removed from certain valve terminal symbols as soon as a line is connected to the corresponding connector.
  5. With project text extraction, also line attributes are considered.
  6. When jumping to inherited attributes within projects, sometimes the corresponding line was not selected correctly.
  7. On opening the context menu, lines could disappear in rare cases.
  8. The unplaced objects were sometimes not updated.
  9. An interruption display error has been rectified.
  10. ESC now closes the component dialog.
  11. The Option “Allow connections between same connector types only” now also works for interruptions.
  12. For connector terminators “Display designation” and “Display in parts lists” are inactive by default.
  13. “Anchor position” now also works for cable lists and tube lists.
  14. Cell copy (Ctrl-C) improved.
  15. Numerous Symbols were updated.
  16. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.
  17. By default, circuit windows are opened maximized and fitted. This can be switched off by the registry entry “OpenFilesMaximized” (HKCU).
  18. Jumping to cross-references was sometimes not possible.
  19. Cross-references created by the object’s context menu are selected moved and deleted together with its corresponding object.
  20. Export of texts for translation tables can now be done without project solely from an active page.
  21. Sometimes, in parts lists the columns ‘location’ were not merged correctly.
  22. The printing of several project pages did sometimes not work properly.
  23. Page attributes with separate frames were sometimes not inherited by the project.
  24. In Multi-lingual projects in connection with translation tables, some columns were not filled out correctly.
  25. The target search of page attributes sometimes erroneously led to superordinated nodes.
  26. The page numbers can be re-numbered in the project tree.
  27. In addition, a compact layout for tube lists is available. (Professional version only).
  28. In the parts lists there are now two new attributes “target ID from” and “target ID to” that show the corresponding line targets.
  29. The display of the designation of source and target objects in the evaluations tables was sometimes not correct in the case of macro-objects.
  30. The arrow direction of interruptions is now held consistently.
  31. As an option, connection lines can now have an automatic designation.
  32. Two new attributes (target object and target connector) have been added to the cross-reference representation. (Professional version only).
  33. Potentials and interruptions are automatically numbered.
  34. When hatching using a transparent background, rectangles were sometimes entirely filled out.
  35. On “renumber designations” sub-symbols are treated accordingly.
  36. Improves the moving of attribute texts when moving the corresponding connection line.
  37. The designation in the “common properties” dialog was not assigned correctly. (Professional version only).

Version 5.3l 01/28/2015

  1. Page tabs were not translated when changing the project language.
  2. Bug fix for PDF output.
  3. Bug fix for placing objects on the page grid..
  4. Sometimes, a T-connector was not inserted on the grid properly.
  5. Automatic placement of contact images has been improved.
  6. New drawing warning for inaccurate overlapping connectors.
  7. Drawing frame can be edited easier and the company logo can be exchanged quicker.
  8. Invisible objects are not considered for the print area calculation.
  9. Some symbols were not inserted with Festo Quick Search import.
  10. Some symbols and symbol descriptions have been updated.

Version 5.3k 11/17/2014

  1. Sometimes, drawings with special characters in their file names could not be opened.
  2. Rectangles, ellipses and polylines can now have a user-defined hatch pattern.
  3. The fill mode of arcs can be changed.
  4. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated and some more languages have been added.
  5. Automatic designation of drawing frames has been improved.
  6. Several projects can be loaded at the same time (Professional version only).

Version 5.3j 10/08/2014

  1. For the DXF export a registry switch “DXFInsertBlockZScale” can be defined to force output of z-scaling.
  2. DXF output now adopts block pen from layer as default.
  3. FluidDraw brings up a warning massage if a file is opened while it is currently in use by another user.
  4. Prevents electric labels from being connected by lines.
  5. The “frame designation” setting was not always stored correctly.
  6. In some cases the designation could not be edited from within the parts list.
  7. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.
  8. Creation of unplaced symbols can be disabled in the options dialog (Professional version only).
  9. The product catalog’s shopping basket sort order is kept.
  10. Text’s width are compressed for DXF import and export. Individual settings can be made in the Registry under „FluidDraw\Settings\Export\DXFTextWidthRatio“ and „FluidDraw\Settings\Import\DXFTextWidthRatio“, respectively. (100 is default).
  11. New attribute “connector labels” is available, for listing the valve’s corresponding solenoids.
  12. Translation table insert dialog has been revised.
  13. Translation tables can now be edited directly from within the insert dialog.
  14. Bug fix for custom part numbers in connection with custom data bases (Professional version only).
  15. In some cases, a wrong symbol was inserted if the identcode could not be assembled correctly.
  16. Russian texts revised.
  17. Bug fix for invalid characters in symbol libraries.

Version 5.3i 06/30/2014

  1. Two symbols of symbol library corrected.
  2. The Option ‘Show parts matching symbol only’ was not available in some cases.
  3. Background update problem of unplaced objects fixed. (Professional version only)
  4. Accessory parts index is created in background.
  5. Line drawings are shown if no product photos are available.
  6. Print dialog allows to select visible layers.
  7. Dimensioning dialog allows to enter lengths and angles directly.
  8. Basic unit length can now be adopted from parent node.
  9. Sub-symbols are now considered when renumbering designation identifiers.
  10. Further program language added. (Professional version only).
  11. Color property was sometimes not applied to dimensioning objects. (Professional version only)
  12. Better representation in functional diagrams.
  13. Pre-defined variables for file access “%PageFile…” show local time instead of UTC time.
  14. Enumeration bug in contact assignment fixed. (Professional version only)
  15. Selection if terminal targets can be expanded with a single mouse click. (Professional version only)
  16. Terminals can now have different levels. (Professional version only)
  17. Empty entries in cable properties dialog are suppressed. (Professional version only)
  18. Improved listing of connections within wiring lists. (Professional version only)
  19. Translation table dialog has better layout. (Professional version only)
  20. 3D input devices of 3DConnexion are supported.
  21. Cumulated representation of objects with different locations is now possible.
  22. Incorrect dimensioning display fixed. (Professional version only)
  23. Avoids superimposed objects within symbol kits.

Version 5.3h 03/17/2014

  1. Assignment problem with ambiguous terminal strip identifications fixed.
  2. DXF import calculated incorrect drawing extensions in some cases.
  3. Bug fix for sending parts lists to the Festo online shop.
  4. Some new identcodes added.
  5. Symbol combinations of valve actuations adapted to the latest standard.

Version 5.3g 11/25/2013

  1. High-resolution screens are better supported.
  2. “Enable scale” mode is automatically activated when the mouse cursor hovers above an edge of a diagram or drawing element.
  3. Rotation problem with terminator objects fixed.
  4. Silencers and blind plugs can be deleted by ESC key (like connection lines) and defined by context menu, respectively.
  5. Improved import of circuit files from previous FluidDRAW versions.
  6. Display problem with tooltips within the component library fixed.
  7. Terminal diagrams can now be displayed whith a more compact layout. (Professional version only)
  8. Reduced memory usage and better performance when checking huge circuit diagrams.
  9. Some symbols could not be selected after being inserted.
  10. Bug fix and extension with data import from Festo Quick Search.
  11. Option “Allow connection between same connector types only” is now considered by potentials and interruptions. (Professional version only)
  12. Blind plugs and silencers are now automatically created as sub-symbols. (Professional version only)
  13. For sub-symbols, only the corresponding primary symbols’ suitable accessory parts can be listed. (Professional version only)
  14. When trying to assign product properties to secondary elements, FluidDraw suggests jumping to the corresponding primary symbol instead. (Professional version only)
  15. Searching for a part number within the properties dialog keeps the selected attribute display selections.
  16. Parts lists have a new attribute ‘location’ that shows the symbol’s cross-reference position. (Professional version only)
  17. New export dialog that allows exporting all or selected files of a project at once.
  18. Pre-defined text can be overridden by registry entries.
  19. Extended import of parts lists (CSV, XML).
  20. Bug fix for “save project as…”
  21. Avoids a rare ‘freezing’ when updating unplaced objects. (Professional version only)
  22. Fixed an incompatibility with Microsoft Forefront TMG Client.
  23. Avoids duplicated columns in parts lists with custom translation tables. (Professional version only)

Version 5.3f 06/17/2013

  1. Cross-reference display settings were not adopted from global options.
  2. Further program language added. (Professional version only)
  3. DXF export crash fixed.
  4. Files of a project folder remain on the file system after they have been removed from the project.
  5. Vertical alignment of FluidDRAW 4 files has been improved.
  6. The option “Dominant Signal” of configurable way valves is now also available for pneumatic actuation without pilot control.
  7. Number data types did not work correctly with custom data bases. (Professional version only)
  8. Drawing of straight (“slanted”) lines between two connectors is now possible.

Version 5.3e 02/18/2013

  1. Some symbols have been corrected.
  2. Labels of solenoid coils were restored by default after having removed them. (Professional version only)
  3. Fixes an arrangement bug for some valve terminals.
  4. Screen display is now more precise on small zoom levels.
  5. For each connection line can be defined whether it shall appear in parts lists and tube lists or wiring lists. (Professional version only)
  6. Bringing a page window to front selects the corresponding project tree node.
  7. New pre-defined variable representing the total number of project pages. (Professional version only)
  8. Some graphics attributes of the ‘common properties’ dialog were sometimes not applied correctly.
  9. Feature “Connect connectors automatically” has been improved.
  10. Property tabs in page and project dialogs have been reordered.
  11. Project and library windows can now be moved outside the main window (e.g. on a second monitor).
  12. Some texts within cross-references were not translated into the defined page language. (Professional version only)
  13. Fixes a problem with rotated groups and macro objects.
  14. Orientation of blind plugs and silencers were not correct for some symbols.
  15. The ‘common properties’ dialog has a new option “Display in parts lists” (Professional version also “Display in tube lists”).
  16. Default value for the dimensioning scale can be a floating point number. (Professional version only)

Version 5.3d 01/19/2013

  1. Further program languages added.
  2. Printer properties can be accessed from within the print preview dialog directly.
  3. Some compatibility issues with Windows 8 have been resolved.

Version 5.3c 11/22/2012

  1. Direction of electric wires can now be determined individually for each wire. (Professional version only)
  2. The symbol library has been updated.
  3. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.
  4. Cylinder configurator upgraded with a piston rod variant.
  5. Representation of text objects improved in some cases.

Version 5.3b 09/26/2012

  1. The “Save file as…” dialog comes up when trying to save a write-protected file.
  2. Two valve body types were swapped when opening existing FluidDRAW 4 files.
  3. Existing catalog attributes are removed when applying new attributes. Custom attributes are not affected.

Version 5.3a 08/09/2012

  1. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.
  2. Bug fix in connection with accumulated parts lists.
  3. Removed default blind plugs in filter regulator combinations.
  4. Designations are renamed correctly when deleting unplaced objects. (Professional version only)

Version 5.3 06/26/2012

  1. Tube lists as well as wiring lists can be inserted. Please note that older FluidDraw versions are unable to read files containing the new lists.
  2. Parts list’s column width can be defined.
  3. Parts list cells consisting of several lines are supported.
  4. Components can be sent directly to FluidDraw from within the Festo Quick Search tool.
  5. Cylinder configurator upgraded with the self-adjusting end-position cushioning (PPS).

Version 5.2r 05/03/2012

  1. Fixes a problem with the “Description” attribute in connection with custom data bases (Professional version only).

Version 5.2q 04/27/2012

  1. Improves compatibility of DXF export.
  2. Automatic line connection is activated after changing the settings.
  3. Connection of connectors to lines has been improved.

Version 5.2p 02/23/2012

  1. Spring returned way valves can now be setup with an arbitrary initial position.
  2. Assignment between configurable valves and Festo parts numbers has been updated.
  3. Some symbols have been updated.
  4. An appropriate message comes up in the case of failure to pack/unpack a project archive.

Version 5.2o 02/01/2012

  1. Items of parts lists on several pages are now numbered consecutively.
  2. Ambiguous attributes in parts lists were sometimes not displayed correctly.

Version 5.2n 01/26/2012

  1. Parts list editing bug has been fixed.
  2. Some symbols have been updated.

Version 5.2m 12/19/2011

  1. The option “Display designation” can now be defined for multiple objects in one go.
  2. Mirrored objects, as well as special line thicknesses from older FluidDRAW 4 drawings, were sometimes not represented correctly.
  3. Text attributes of object designations and connector descriptions are no longer set to default values when copying objects.

Version 5.2k 11/21/2011

  1. The connector’s description position for rotated objects was sometimes not correct.
  2. Empty identifications could result in wrong text attribute display.
  3. Sometimes, open line ends caused unnecessary parts list items.
  4. Objects pasted from clipboard now stick to mouse cursor.
  5. Rotated and scaled bitmaps within drawings were sometimes not printed out correctly.

Version 5.2h 09/13/2011

  1. Sometimes, accumulated parts lists did not summarize all items correctly.

Version 5.2g 09/01/2011

  1. The cylinder editor provides a new cylinder type.

Version 5.2f 08/03/2011

  1. Some symbols, drawing frames and program texts have been updated.

Version 5.2e 07/25/2011

  1. Version check of the Festo Product Catalog has been improved.
  2. Sometimes, the “Description” attribute could not be changed within the circuit’s parts list view.
  3. When updating older FluidDraw versions, the newly supplied drawing frames are applied as default.

Version 5.2d 07/20/2011

  1. Some symbols have been corrected.

Version 5.2c 07/15/2011

  1. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.

Version 5.2b 07/05/2011

  1. Project files can only be included in parts list if the parts list (the including file, respectively) is also part of the same project.
  2. The drawing frame attributes “Installation” and “Location” could not be modified in the FluidDraw S version.

Version 5.2a 07/01/2011

  1. The parts list view’s including file list was not evaluated correctly, in some cases.
  2. Sometimes, a message came up erroneously, that the file was created by the professional version and not all features are available.
  3. Corrects an error when assembling valve terminals from Identcodes.

Version 5.2 06/20/2011

  1. New code base, based on FluidDraw Professional. Please note that older FluidDraw versions are unable to read the extended file format. Existing FluidDraw files in CT and CIRC format can of course be used with the new FluidDraw version.
  2. New, more clearly grouped symbol library.
  3. Improved menu structure.
  4. Several new functions and detail improvements.

Version 5.1b 10/29/2010

  1. Valve terminals of type 15P-… are now displayed as symbols.
  2. Fixes a false edit mode in connection with cross-references.
  3. Text objects belonging to other objects as attribute references could sometimes not be copied.
  4. Attribute texts can be aligned as long as the corresponding object is not also selected.
  5. Fixes the problem whereby macro object identifications could not be saved in rare cases.
  6. Horizontally centered text is now displayed more precisely.
  7. Sometimes, cross-references did not work properly.
  8. Parts lists within circuit diagram pages are exported as DXF correctly.
  9. Corrects a text alignment bug in DXF exports.
  10. DXF export files no longer contain block names that are invalid for other CAD programs.

Version 5.1a 07/20/2010

  1. Completely revised and updated symbol library.
  2. When exporting circuits as images or WMF files, text object were sometimes not placed correctly.
  3. Sometimes the drawing frame could slip away unintentionally.
  4. Inserted lines were not set on the default layer correctly.
  5. Sometimes not all objects were shown in the browse attribute tree.
  6. Rubber band selection now works also if the mouse button is released outside the window area.

Version 5.0w 05/27/2010

  1. Fixes a program error in connection with cross-references.
  2. Improves the automatic identifier numbering.
  3. The distributors under “accessories” are now grouped more usefully.

Version 5.0v 05/06/2010

  1. Improves the line routing when inserting a T-connector automatically.
  2. Defining points for connection lines manually works better now.
  3. Allows the connection of free hydraulic and electric connectors of objects that have been imported from FluidSIM.
  4. The bounding boxes of text objects are re-calculated when opening the circuit in order to make editing within uncompressed XML files more convenient.

Version 5.0u 04/28/2010

  1. In the case of some mouses and suitable drivers, horizontal scrolling is supported by means of the mouse wheel.
  2. The preview of the object properties was occasionally not updated.
  3. Includes a conformity to the Festo Product Catalog 2010.
  4. At times there was an initial delay in the update of the parts lists when new components were inserted
  5. Automatic framing of the label/identifier can be changed retrospectively in the individual texts.

Version 5.0t 04/14/2010

  1. The tooltips in the symbol library are made up into lines and are, as a result, easier to read.
  2. Corrects program errors occurring during the conversion of attribute references in simple texts.
  3. The characteristics of the connectors within macro objects could not be processed.
  4. Corrects a problem with the memory space when importing FluidDraw 4 circuit diagrams.
  5. Better at intercepting invalid file paths in the image links.
  6. During the import of part numbers not present in the catalog, instead of an (invalid) type reference, a text object with the part number is inserted.

Version 5.0s 12/17/2009

  1. Improves the graphic display of texts when pasting in the clipboard.
  2. The layer for parts lists can now be directly set in the properties dialog.
  3. Opening the help file is now possible using a UNC path.
  4. Rectifies a program error with certain system settings for the window elements.

Version 5.0r 11/10/2009

  1. Increases compatibility with DXF Import.
  2. The matching attribute, respectively identification, is correctly transferred via the clipboard when copying and pasting.
  3. Contains an automatic repair mode for invalid connectors.
  4. Rectifies a program error when there is a lack of memory.

Version 5.0q 07/20/2009

  1. Improves the graphic display of the print preview with output devices which have differing horizontal and vertical resolution.
  2. Sometimes, with rotated objects, no warning was given, when the drawing area was transgressed.
  3. Rectifies an error in the line routing.
  4. Cylinder configurator upgraded with a piston rod variant.
  5. FluidDraw stores the selected columns in the product search dialog.
  6. FluidDraw stores the tabs of the last active library.
  7. Further program languages added.
  8. The layer of the diagram can be directly specified in the functional diagram editor.
  9. An increase in numerical tolerance when testing open connectors.
  10. A text object is automatically created when pasting a text from the clipboard.

Version 5.0p 04/24/2009

  1. When the library window, respectively the project window is triggered, it does not appear maximized.
  2. After the re-naming of objects, the matching attribute references are updated accordingly.
  3. Occasionally, some drawing frame attributes were not correctly shown in the circuit.
  4. In the dialog box, after “check drawing”, the highlighting, belonging to the different warnings, can be selected individually.

Version 5.0o 04/06/2009

  1. In order to simplify the distribution of software with standard settings FluidDraw evaluates the entries under “HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Software...” at the start of the program.
  2. FluidDraw now uses for its cache files, a folder below “Application Data”.
  3. Attribute links within the projects are automatically set to “undo” or “redo” respectively.
  4. The rotation of cross-references has not always functioned since version 5.0m.
  5. The browse tree used for choosing attribute links, highlights the currently selected node for existing texts.
  6. Under “find symbol description”, the internal symbol name can now be entered.
  7. Redresses an error concerning ambiguous file names in projects which have already been archived.
  8. Terminators on free line ends automatically have a matching orientation.
  9. Redresses an error when eliminating empty groups.

Version 5.0n 03/18/2009

  1. By means of a tool strip in the dialog, object attributes can be transferred via the clipboard.
  2. When the properties dialog is placed in the background during editing, the user attributes are no longer reset.
  3. Empty groups are automatically ignored when loading circuit files.
  4. Reacts more tolerantly to identification conflicts as connector descriptions emanate automatically from the matching object.
  5. The calculation of the margins during printing is more tolerant, with the result that full page drawing frames are no longer cut off.
  6. Corrects an error in the layout of parts lists with DXF-Export.
  7. Sometimes, when pasting accessories, a symbol from the user library was erroneously inserted instead of a text object.

Version 5.0m 02/09/2009

  1. The parts lists are automatically updated during the printing of projects.
  2. Texts in cross references are not mirrored with the object.
  3. Corrects an error in DXF Import.
  4. Corrects a display error when summarizing components in the accumulated parts list.
  5. The identification can be listed in the accumulated parts lists whereby all those identifications belonging to the relevant components are shown separated by commas.
  6. With DXF Import and Export, texts are better scaled. For individual conformation, there is the possibility of asserting values in the registry under “FluidDraw\Settings\Export\DXFTextScale” or “FluidDraw\Settings\Import\DXFTextScale”
  7. Symbol “00991895” corrected.
  8. DXF Export allows for additional cell and line spacing in the parts lists.
  9. Corrects an error occurring during the conversion of the units of the drawing grid.
  10. Avoids the doubling of columns in the parts lists which can occur due to identical attribute names in catalog and user defined data.
  11. Prevents non-deliberate scrolling away in the parts lists view.
  12. Korean was added as a program language.
  13. The choice of languages in the option dialog is shown bi-lingually.
  14. The deletion of the drawing frame without the inheritance from parent node is now working correctly.
  15. Includes an additional adjustment to specific plotter drivers which cause problems when paper size A1 and A0 are selected.
  16. When braking off macro objects, their attributes are transferred to the matching text which subsequently displays the identifier.
  17. Corrects an error connected to the seals R, S, T in the Identcode of the valve terminals 32MPA.

Version 5.0l 12/03/2008

  1. The T-distributors are shown as having a diameter of 0.75 M (1.125 mm)
  2. Improves compatibility while importing circuit data in the old FluidDraw format.
  3. Accelerates the start of the program.
  4. Prevents freezing of the program when inserting unknown Identcodes.
  5. Fixes a display error in the project tree when renaming project files.
  6. Eliminates a query after resetting when jumping to project files.
  7. Improves compatibility when exporting DXF files.

Version 5.0k 11/05/2008

  1. Improves the calculation of the dimensions of the drawings when printing.
  2. Corrects an error when storing macros containing connectors.

Version 5.0j 10/27/2008

  1. Corrects an error with the query concerning the languages available in the Festo catalog.
  2. Supports the comma as a separator when importing the shopping cart.
  3. Improves the compatibility for FluidDraw Version 4 parts lists.
  4. In the product search, the lines are colored according to the settings of the Festo product catalog.
  5. The column headings of the parts lists in the circuit appear in the set language of the product catalog.
  6. Fixes a display error with colored objects that are nested in groups
  7. When setting the “display identification” flag belonging to accessories without a symbol, the type text, instead of being shown additionally, is replaced.

Version 5.0i 10/06/2008

  1. Text replacement in the title block of the drawing sheet is now also working when the placeholders in the drawing frames are implemented as references to other objects.
  2. Corrects an error when several selected objects are rotated and/or scaled.
  3. When re-naming the file name, the description is automatically adopted, as long as the user has not entered any other different description.
  4. Corrects an error when dealing with silencers and blind plugs in the case of rotated and mirrored objects.
  5. Improves the input of nested groups with DXF Import.
  6. Ambiguous descriptions of the project data are dealt with better.
  7. Under “options”, the catalog can be narrowed down to a region (currently worldwide and Europe). In the case of a product catalog which has already been installed, this occurs automatically.
  8. Corrects a positioning error with the configuration of valve terminals belonging to the Identcode.
  9. When changing the drawing layer of a symbol, the layers of the respective attribute and connector texts are automatically changed.
  10. As an option, hidden objects can be displayed in parts lists.
  11. Symbols library has been revised
  12. Includes adaptation to special plotters which cause problems with the selection of paper sizes A1 and A0.

Version 5.0h 08/25/2008

  1. When storing circuits belonging to the open project in the old “CT” format, the project is accurately updated.
  2. By default, the “save as” dialog no longer displays “CT” endings. Resultingly this prevents a file from being accidentally overwritten in the old format.
  3. Parts lists can be inserted in the circuits as graphic elements.
  4. Under “properties”, a background color for the headers of the parts lists can be set.
  5. The floating properties dialog boxes are now closed automatically when the objects belonging to them are deleted.
  6. The attribute value “supplier” is kept when inserting from the user library.
  7. With archived projects, FluidDraw automatically provides unambiguous file names.
  8. With user and catalog attributes which are identical, preference will be given to the value of the user attribute in the parts lists.
  9. When clicking onto a connector, the respective description text is highlighted optically (and vice-versa).
  10. The seals R, S, T in the Identcode of the valve terminal 32 MPA are accurately processed.
  11. In the product search there is now an option whereby a symbol can be selected for parts which do not match the symbol representation.
  12. The T-connectors on connection lines are slightly smaller.
  13. Corrects an error whereby the Identcode from the shopping basket is sometimes incorrectly imported as an attribute.
  14. Functional diagrams and object groups no longer inadvertently appear in the parts lists.
  15. A preview of FluidDraw circuit diagrams is displayed in the detailed view as well as the context menu of the explorer. In addition there is a large preview function under Windows Vista/7.
  16. The snap-to-grid function for connectors is improved.
  17. The alignment lines for positioning the connectors are also shown when moving by the arrow keys.
  18. With “save as”, the window menu and the project tabs are correctly updated.
  19. Blank reference texts are no longer removed.
  20. Symbol library revised.
  21. The composition of the MSB service unit from the Identcode has been corrected, respectively updated.

Version 5.0g 07/17/2008

  1. Fixed bug in DXF export and improved language support in import and export.
  2. When importing files created with an earlier version of FluidDraw, non-Unicode character sets are automatically converted into the selected program language.

Version 5.0f 07/08/2008

  1. DXF Export revised and hidden CONNECTIONS- layers with connectors added.
  2. Symbol library was revised.
  3. The data base files included is more compact.
  4. Pasting from the clipboard is now subject to a context: when the source of the files happens to be the same circuit as the target of the operation, FluidDraw does not place the objects in the original position but rather in the visible display detail of the active window.
  5. Comprises an automatic repair function for lost links.
  6. Corrects an error in the valve and cylinder configurator which hindered the import of connector descriptions.
  7. New windows pop up automatically maximized.
  8. Errors which occurred when setting connectors on texts and macros are now eliminated.
  9. Improvement of compatibility with different formats when importing from the shopping basket.
  10. Corrects an error in the attribute options when closing the project.
  11. The detection of invalid shopping basket files is now working more reliably.
  12. Some symbol descriptions have been revised.
  13. Some wrong character codes for Cyrillic letters were corrected.
  14. The term “drawing frame” in the layer dialog is translated when switching the language.
  15. In the language list, the language terms appear in the respective languages of the country.
  16. Corrects an error which enabled the appearance of non visible objects in the parts lists.
  17. Corrects an error in the text alignment with rotated texts.
  18. Corrects an error occurring when attribute references are updated after the re-naming of attribute names.
  19. Improves the text alignment of the connector descriptions of rotated symbols.
  20. Automatic print adjustment does no longer set the scale factor > 100%.
  21. Corrects an error when adopting the alignments of printing properties specific to the pages.
  22. Macro objects and cross references are inserted on the defined default layer.
  23. The drawing layer of the cross-references can be set the properties dialog.
  24. Corrects an error when drawing lines on newly placed connectors.
  25. Despite having ambiguous identifications, attribute texts display the correct value of the respective symbols.
  26. Errors corrected in the scaling function for several objects.
  27. In rare cases warnings were erroneously issued via crossed connectors.
  28. Corrects an error with the connection of user defined connectors.
  29. Grid and connector snap were improved.
  30. Some menu shortcuts were added.
  31. The assignment of the connector descriptions of numerous directional valves was corrected.
  32. Compatibility improved with the import of files with parts lists from Version 4x.
  33. The identification of symbols can now be entered directly in the parts lists.
  34. When marking texts FluidDraw temporarily saves the font which was last used.
  35. The interpretation of the Identcode of the MSB service unit has been updated.

Version 5.0e 05/21/2008

  1. When importing circuits from FluidDraw Version 4, all the attributes are listed under “user defined properties”.
  2. The symbol descriptions were revised.
  3. The drawing frames are in the respective program languages.
  4. The manuals and online help for the languages ENUS, ENGB, DE, ES, FR, IT, NLBE, RU were revised and integrated.

Version 5.0d 05/07/2008

  1. There is a new push button “Edit” in the properties dialog of the circuits. Using this, newly selected drawing frames can be edited directly. Additionally, in the selection dialog of the drawing frames, there is a push button for making a copy. With this a selected frame is saved under a new name and inserted under “user-defined frames”.
  2. Horizontal scrolling is possible using the mouse wheel and pressing the “Shift” key.
  3. When saving files, also in the case of file names which have a dot, the appropriate file expansion/ extension is always attached.
  4. Lost attribute links in the drawing frame are no longer shown.
  5. The” drag and drop” function for drawing lines is also working between two windows which represent the same circuit.
  6. Any object whatever can be used as a cross reference. For this purpose there is a menu item “Create cross-reference” under “Edit”. A cross-reference is a special macro object comprised of at least one element and two special texts which are generated automatically. Both these texts show the source text and the target text. The layout of the texts can be adjusted by braking off the cross-reference, re-arranging the elements and re-grouping these again to the cross-reference.
  7. The “Check drawing” function issues warnings when there are cross-reference labels whether repeated or single. (Normally cross-reference labels should always appear in pairs.)
  8. The color of the animation for highlighted jump destinations is green instead of red.
  9. There is a new menu item “Rename” in the user frames whereby the description of the project in the user frames or rather the description and the file name of the frame circuits can be changed.
  10. A new example of a drawing frame “A4 diagonal” has been added.
  11. The description of symbols in the library has been revised.
  12. In the “Options” menu in the list of languages available, the respective target language appears in the original.

Version 5.0c 04/22/2008

  1. Improves the client installation in the network and corrects an error in the shortcut to the executable.
  2. Corrects an error in installation when the installation path is a root directory.
  3. While rotating and mirroring objects, connector and attribute texts are treated separately: Connector descriptions are never head downwards but are displayed rotated only between 0-90 and 270-360 degrees. Attribute texts are shifted respectively to the central point of the associated object but remain always unrotated. During mirroring, only the co-ordinates of the objects are adjusted. However, with the connector descriptions and the attribute texts, the text is always legible. Of course it is still possible to turn and mirror the text whatever way required, irrespective of the associated symbol.
  4. Corrects a mistake in the selection of nested groups.
  5. Help with English integrated (ENGB)
  6. Corrects an error occurring with the calculation of bounding boxes in DXF Import.
  7. The quality of the drawing of ellipses has been improved.
  8. The T-distributor can be hit easier with a double click.
  9. The selection list for the drawing frame now has a context menu.
  10. Corrects an error whereby the last operation was cancelled after “Show detail” (this was the reason why drawing frames sometimes disappeared).
  11. Operations with several views or with open navigation windows were sometimes not correctly carried out. This error has now been redressed.
  12. Improves the drawing of lines by means of points when snap-to-grid is switched on.
  13. With the pan function, when the middle mouse key (mouse wheel) is pressed the window detail can be moved.
  14. New lines and attribute texts are, if need be, now placed on the default layer.
  15. The layers of attribute texts can be selected irrespective of the layer of the associated symbol.
  16. The text which has been entered in the textboxes stays as it is, when the input dialog is temporarily placed in the background.
  17. In the text boxes there are keys with frequently required symbols which are not directly accessible via the keyboard. Additionally, there is a push button with which the Windows character map can be called up.
  18. Invalid file paths, as file names in the circuit properties dialog, are shown up in red.
  19. There is some tolerance in the selection of objects so that a click or double click is not inadvertently assessed as a move operation.
  20. The re-sorting of project files in the tree vies was not always correct.
  21. Re-draw errors in the selection dialog box for the drawing frame, have now been rectified.
  22. It is now possible, in the selection dialog box for the drawing frames, not only to select own frame files but also to add them, as a permanent feature, to the selection list. For this purpose under “Own files”, a second “Frames.prj” is installed respectively utilized so far as it is already available. The storage location of this file and the default path for user-defined frame files can be set under “Options/folder locations
  23. The search function of “Insert from the Product Catalog” was improved.
  24. The Identcode of the valve terminal “VTSA” is correctly expanded when inserting from the shopping basket.
  25. The redo/undo menu has been extended by an item which undoes, respectively restores all available actions.
  26. The “Undo” handling when shifting objects via the arrow keys has been improved.
  27. Attribute text are more robust when confronted with ambiguous object identifications
  28. Individual catalog attributes can be deleted in the properties dialog by selecting the headings and pressing the “Delete” key.
  29. Errors in the numeration of pages while printing have been redressed.
  30. The descriptions of the parts lists no longer appear in the print preview dialog on the wrong pages.
  31. In the case of text attributes which have catalog properties (accessories), when the properties dialog is opened “Catalog properties” appears as the standard tab.
  32. Occasionally, in the print dialog, it was not possible to use the selected printer.

Version 5.0 04/02/2008

First, official release of FluidDraw 5