Pupils and students of an educational institution can, providing a proof of eligibility and payment of a processing fee of currently € 59.50 (including VAT), request an student license for FluidSIM 5. With this license, FluidSIM 5 can be used with all technologies outside the educational institution for one year.

In contrast to the previous student version 4.x, the student license of FluidSIM 5 is the full version under the following conditions:

  • Program and license are provided only in digital form.
  • A permanent internet connection is required to run the program.
  • The use inside the educational institution is prohibited.

To request a student license, fill out the form below and provide a document at the end which proofs your eligibility for obtaining a student license (e.g. training certificate).

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By clicking on the "Buy now" button, your data will be transmitted to us, including the selected proof of eligibility. Your data will then be checked by Festo Didactic SE. If your proof of eligibility has been accepted, Festo Didactic SE will send you an invoice to pay the processing fee over € 59.50 (including VAT). You will receive your license details by e-mail.

Of course, the processing fee will only be payable if your proof of eligibility has been accepted and you have obtained a FluidSIM license.

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