Version 3.6i from August 31, 2006

  • Bugfix. Grouped objects could not be moved correctly in some cases.
  • Bugfix. File copy operations within overview windows sometimes did not handle user inputs correctly.
  • New component. Magnetic actuated pneumatic proximity switch according to ISO 1219.

Version 3.6h from June 25, 2004

  • Bugfix. Circuit diagrams as a part of presentations were sometimes not simulated completely.

Version 3.6g from April 7, 2004

  • Bugfix. When moving lines (fluidic, electrical), segments were sometimes merged in an unintentional way. Now, a merging of segments happens not until the mouse button is released.
  • Bugfix. Copying selected groups to the clipboard now includes the connecting lines between the included components.
  • Bugfix. Corrects a redraw bug during the update of menu entries.

Version 3.6f from January 15, 2004

  • Bugfix. Avoid crashes when attempting to print out circuits although neither a printer is connected locally nor a network printer is available.
  • Bugfix. “Snap into place” of distance rules near cylinders does now again work correctly.
  • New Feature. Labels and positions of distance rules are now displayed in a separate pop-up window just like other component parameters.
  • New Feature. The digital levels of FluidSIM Input and Output components are now highlighted by color.
  • New Feature. FluidSIM can now handle multiple Input components with the same “Server” and “Item” setting.

Version 3.6e from November 7, 2003

  • Bugfix. When copying digital modules, the components inside a module where not always redrawn.
  • Bugfix. In rare cases, the circuit properties were not saved correctly.
  • Bugfix. The FluidSIM-IN component, which connects to the OPC interface, did not work properly for the input value FF (hex).
  • New Feature. Push buttons or spring-returned valves could be set into a locked state by means of a Shift-Mouse-Click. In this way, the components kept switched without holding the left mouse button. Note that to release several locked components each of them had be clicked a second time.
  • To overcome this cumbersome handling, the Shift-Mouse-Click operation has been extended with respect to the following functionality. Components are now set into their locked state by a Control-Mouse-Click. The major difference to the handling before is that the locked state is sustained only while the Control-Key is pressed. If it is released, FluidSIM puts all components into their initial position.
  • New Feature. When pasting a symbol via the insert menu, the symbol is shown directly at the mouse cursor until it is dropped by a left mouse click.
  • New Feature. During move operations in the drawing area, symbols and lines are permanently shown.
  • New Feature. During a simulation the thickness of the electrical lines indicate the actual current values.
  • New Feature. The physical models of the proximity switches and the pneumatic-electric-converter behave more realistic.
  • New Feature. For legibility reasons, the current path numbering is not shown anymore in the circuit diagram previews.
  • New Feature. The response time when using the OPC-interface has been reduced.

Version 3.6d from July 17, 2003

  • Bugfix. Sometimes the borders of a drawing were clipped when FluidSIM objects were pasted into another application via the clipboard. The calculation of the drawing’s extensions is more reliable now.
  • Bugfix. Circuit files and symbols that are write protected cannot be overwritten unintentionally anymore.

Version 3.6c from July 11, 2003

  • Bugfix. The display of connection descriptions did not work properly with some components.
  • Bugfix. Current path numbering and switching elements tables were not copied into the clipboard correctly.
  • Bugfix. Error handling in connection with FluidSIM’s OPC interface has been improved.
  • New Feature. The adjusted parameters of OPC and DDE components are now displayed inside the circuit symbols.
  • New Feature. The minimum values of the hydraulic cylinder’s ring and piston areas are now 0.1 and 0.05 qcm (instead of 1 and 0.5).

Version 3.6b from May 21, 2003

  • Bugfix. Repairs a rare system crash in connection with the new automated current path numbering.

Version 3.6 from April 15, 2003

  • Bugfix. Repairs a rare system crash that occurred when using two displays.
  • Bugfix. Very long path names could produce a system crash.
  • Bugfix. Sometimes, printing of a circuit with the margin correction feature led to a rendering error.
  • Bugfix. After several line deletion operations, the “Undo”-function could cause a crash.
  • New Feature. When inserting drawings into the clipboard, the frame size may be adapted. This feature helps to avoid truncated margins when inserting a drawing into another application. In this connection, a scale factor can be predefined in the “festo.ini” file: [FL_SIM_P3_D] CLIPBOARD_BORDER=”0”00 (depending on the domain and the language, the name of the “festo.ini” section may vary slightly.)
  • New Feature. FluidSIM now provides a library with components from the field of digital technology.
  • New Feature. Aside from the established DDE communication protocol FluidSIM now also allows a connection to other applications via the OPC communication protocol.
  • New Feature. The current paths in electrical circuit can be numbered automatically. Moreover, tables with the corresponding switching components can be set up automatically.
  • New Feature. The electrical connections can now be labeled.
  • New Feature. Preset parameter values are displayed in a separate pop-up window.
  • New Feature. The pneumatic component library now contains a common throttle valve.
  • New Feature. The cylinder load (Force) can be chosen from the interval [-1000, 1000] N.
  • New Feature. At the counting and delay devices the current value of the counter and the delay time respectively may be displayed.
  • New Feature. Various circuits have been extended and improved.

Version 3.5k from September 26, 2002

  • Bugfix. Sometimes the extended circuit check mistakenly reported “Lines trough connections”.
  • Bugfix. With some components the drawing of curves in the state diagrams did not work correctly.
  • New Feature. The behavior of several new component types can now be recorded by state diagrams.

Version 3.5j from August 23, 2002

  • Bugfix. The circuit’s bounding is now calculated correctly when copying diagrams to the clipboard.
  • New Feature. FluidSIM detects more drawing errors. Moreover, the marking of the corresponding objects is more clearly.

Version 3.5i from June 27, 2002

  • Bugfix. The key-shortcut for the arrangement of the windows works properly.
  • New Feature. Optionally, label identifiers can be treated case sensitively now. Case sensitivity can be enabled for both display purposes and a more strict label identity checking.

Version 3.5h from June 14, 2002

  • Bugfix. Drag&Drop-operations between different circuit windows now allows the overlapping placement of objects.
  • Bugfix. Repairs an alignment error when drawing orthogonal lines.
  • New Feature. When attempting to open an already opened file, the respective circuit window is moved in the foreground. Previous versions opened a dialog box asking the user whether to save the open file.

Version 3.5g from May 6, 2002

  • Bugfix. The simulation of the pneumatic semi-rotary cylinder was not correct in some cases.
  • Bugfix. The reset positions of mechanically actuated valves were not represented correctly in special combinations.
  • Bugfix. In rare cases, the simulation could crash due to numerical rounding errors.
  • Bugfix. The size of FluidSIM’s INI file could increase unnecessarily.
  • Bugfix. No rubberband operation could be performed if there was an object on a locked layer underneath the mouse cursor.
  • Bugfix. The printing of circuits with the “mirror” option will now lead to better results.
  • New Feature. The orthogonal linking of connections with lines is made easier now.
  • Internal. Some internal processings have been improved.

Version 3.5f from March 22, 2002

  • Bugfix. Repairs an incompatibility in connection with the network installation (green license connector) under Windows NT.
  • Bugfix. In very rare cases, FluidSIM could not be quit at all.
  • Bugfix. With some objects, the “Undo”-function caused a crash sometimes.
  • New Feature. Menu entries in the context menu that are related to didactics are now also available in Simulation Mode.
  • Internal. Several adaptations with respect to the play-back of educational films in networks have been made.

Version 3.5e from February 4, 2002

  • Bugfix. The window’s content was sometimes not copied to the clipboard correctly.
  • Bugfix. Some undo operations could lead to a crash.
  • Bugfix. Simulation of the hydraulic double-acting multiple position cylinder could cause a numerical divergence.

Version 3.5d from January 24, 2002

  • Bugfix. When modifying components, the size of the grouping box was not always adapted properly.
  • Bugfix. After Undo operations line elements were sometimes not removed completely.
  • Bugfix. Repairs an incompatibility that could prevent the program start under Windows XP.
  • New Feature. To prevent mistakenly opened property dialog boxes, the double mouse click for components is disabled in Simulation Mode.

Version 3.5c from December 12, 2001

  • Bugfix. The file path of the educational films could sometimes not be found.

Version 3.5b from November 28, 2001

  • Bugfix. The DXF export of circuits with particular ladder diagram symbols caused an error message in some cases.
  • Bugfix. When selecting a different measurement unit system, the flow values were not converted properly in rare cases.
  • Bugfix. The extended presentations of the hydraulic version of FluidSIM could sometimes not be started.
  • Bugfix. The property dialog of imported DXF symbols was not opened properly sometimes.
  • Bugfix. The status line of a circuit library preview now shows the date of the last modification instead of the creation date.
  • Bugfix. When doing a rotate operation and a flip operation for printing at the same time a conversion error occurred.
  • Bugfix. The name of a newly created library was not always adopted.
  • New Feature. The generic switches for opening, closing, and switching over can now be displayed as limit role and reed contact. Before, they were restricted to the limit switch appearance.
  • New Feature. The drawing format can now be specified within in non-metric units. Moreover, the maximum drawing size has been extended up to DIN A0.
  • Internal. Several internal adaptations and improvements have been made with respect to the Windows XP operating system.

Version 3.5 from October 11, 2001

  • Comprehensive redesign of all kernel modules with respect to most modern software requirements
  • Optimized for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Simulation improved wrt accuracy and speed
  • New printing functionality with various customization possibilities
  • Revised circuit library and didactics material
  • Support of non-SI units of measure (lbf, psi, gal)
  • Extended simulation ranges for state variables in the hydraulic version (pressure: 0..350 bar) (force: -20,000..+20,000 N)

Version 3.1j from February 23, 2001

  • Bugfix. Solves a rare simulation error.

Version 3.1i from December 11, 2000

  • Bugfix. Three messages were not language-dependent (but always displayed in German).
  • New Feature. Improvements with respect to foreign language support.
  • New Feature. Integration of concepts for the play-back of educational films in the Video-CD-Format.

Version 3.1h from November 20, 2000

  • New Feature. The representation of state diagrams has been improved. Especially, the switching positions of valves are now drawn from top to bottom.

Version 3.1g from November 8, 2000

  • New Feature. The rendering of circuits that are pasted via the clipboard into other applications has been improved.

Version 3.1f from October 30, 2000

  • New Feature. Educational films that are stored in the Video-CD format can be played back. Moreover, the new FluidSIM CDs are produced as Video-CDs, which noticeably improves the quality of the films. The new FluidSIM CDs can be played back by means of both a PC and a standard DVD player.
  • Bugfix. Solves a rare file save error when closing a newly created file.
  • New Feature. Going forward (backward) through a presentation can now be realized by the “+”-key or the space bar (and the “-“-key respectively).

Version 3.1e from September 8, 2000

  • Bugfix. Files that have been opened from a floppy disk device are not shown anymore in the list of recently opened files (file menu).
  • Bugfix. The selection of objects did not work if they were superimposed by text elements placed on a locked drawing layer.
  • Bugfix. Solves a drawing error from version 3.1d that occurred when operating FluidSIM-2 valves.
  • New Feature. The readability of the state values at the components’ gates has been improved.

Version 3.1d from August 28, 2000

  • Bugfix. Enlarges the picking radius of the mouse when selecting lines via the context menu or the right mouse button.
  • Bugfix. In rare cases, the presentations dialog caused a system crash.
  • Bugfix. Solves an incompatibility of the DDE-control when working with Microsoft Excel.
  • Bugfix. In rare cases, the printing of dashed lines (typically control lines) did not work.
  • Bugfix. FluidSIM crashed in rare cases when importing a DXF file.
  • New Feature. Avoid unnecessary messages respecting duplicate identifiers. Now a text will be interpreted as identifier only, if the text either belongs to no group or to the group of its associated component.

Version 3.1 from July 5, 2000

  • Bugfix. In rare cases, the simulation stood still without reacting on an input until the circuit became reseted or the simulation was aborted.
  • Bugfix. The y-axis of the state diagram is now scaled correctly if the cylinder piston stroke became modified in the course of a simulation.
  • Bugfix. The arrangement of grouped components is preserved after a rotation operation.
  • Bugfix. In rare cases, the saving of a layer name caused an error.
  • New Feature. Improved rescaling behavior of the state diagram after a manual resize.
  • New Feature. Components now can be selected from the libraries by means of a powerful keyword search.
  • New Feature. The pressure values can be displayed in “Bar” as well as in “MPa”.
  • New Feature. The state values’ units can be displayed optionally.
  • New Feature. The automatic routing feature of FluidSIM has been improved: the position of the connections at the component is considered.
  • New Feature. The update of parts lists and state diagrams has been improved.

Version 3.0g from May 19, 2000

  • Bugfix. FluidSIM crashed in rare cases when having saved the settings of particular component photos.
  • Bugfix. Circuits that are started from within a presentation can now be simulated in every mode (continuously, single step, and til
  • state change).
  • Bugfix. When saving the settings some didactics options were not considered.
  • Internal. The update of menu entries in connection with the window handling is faster now.

Version 3.0f from April 20, 2000

  • Bugfix. Files accessed via a Samba file server could be deleted. Samba realizes the coupling of the Windows file system and a Unix file system. Newer versions of Samba (2.x) do not cause this error anymore. For versions before 2.x, FluidSIM contains functions to circumvent the problem in most cases.
  • Bugfix. FluidSIM does not crash anymore when opening files with long and deeply nested path and file names.
  • Bugfix. Positions of windows displaying component photos are remembered now.
  • Bugfix. Sorting of the circuit preview windows did not work in rare cases.
  • Bugfix. Backup files (extension .bak) were not saved under their long file name in rare cases.
  • Bugfix. If the creation of a new library is aborted, the related directory, which is not used anymore, is deleted now.
  • Bugfix. Within special component combinations the check valve with pilot control could lead to an inconsistent simulation.
  • New Feature. Long file names are displayed now when deleting files via the menu “File/Delete” under Win32.
  • New Feature. For the indicator light component, the light color can be chosen from 16 standard colors.
  • New Feature. In rare situations incompatibilities of graphic device drivers occur when displaying off-screen bitmaps. In such a case a compatibility mode can be activated now by entering “OFFSCREEN_BITMAPS=0” under the category [FL_SIM_P3_D_M] (or [FL_SIM_P3_D_W] or [FSP3_STUD_D_S]) in the “festo.ini” file.

Version 3.0e from January 21, 2000

  • First, official release of FluidSIM Version 3.

Known Problems

  • Some graphic drivers are not capable of correctly rendering the component animations because they provide no support for RLE4-compressed bitmaps.
  • The Postscript printer driver of Windows 95 crashes, if a window containing circuit previews shall be printed. Presumably some bitmap API functions are flawy implemented .