Version 7.0c 2024-02-27

  1. Prevents occasional freezing due to incorrect object references.
  2. Fixes an error when placing valve terminals after reconfiguring.
  3. When saving a symbol in a user library, any associated global object is retained.
  4. The display of the T-distributor has been adapted to the current standard.
  5. When splitting a valve terminal, connected components were sometimes not handled correctly.
  6. Sometimes no global object was created when inserting a valve terminal.
  7. Improves the zoom function with the mouse wheel while holding down the Ctrl key.
  8. The catalog dialog now remembers the last database used.
  9. Fixes a bug when scaling multiple selected texts.
  10. Corrects the dialog of the geometry properties of simple lines.
  11. User-defined attributes were sometimes lost when changing the properties of multiple selected lines.
  12. Updates the supplied Festo product catalog extract and the symbol library.
  13. Reports now have a quick access menu.
  14. Selected objects in the circuit diagram are highlighted in the reports and vice versa.
  15. Symbols of the identcode resolution can now also be selected when inserting from the Festo catalog.
  16. Improved data adoption when inserting from QuickSearch.
  17. The Chinese manual has been revised and can be called up directly from FluidDraw.
  18. Improves the positioning of the line designations.
  19. Catalog and user attributes with the same name are combined in reports.
  20. FluidDraw uses the standard dialog for file selection and supports the system-wide file preview for FluidDraw projects.
  21. Improved renumbering of symbols and T-distributors.
  22. The column configuration of the insert dialog is kept even after restarting the program.
  23. Fixes a bug when changing the page properties.
  24. Improves the DXF import.
  25. In rare cases, no corresponding unplaced objects were created.
  26. The automatic saving of open files at a certain interval can be set in the options.
  27. When creating a template copy, the file name is used as the description of the new template.

Version 7.0b 2023-09-22

  1. The number of designation letters is now also taken into account for lines, cables and symbol groups.
  2. Fixes a display error when searching for attribute links.
  3. The cursor position is taken into account when inserting attribute links.
  4. Fixes an error when automatically connecting components.
  5. Prevents duplication of prefixes in designations.
  6. The T-distributor is reduced to standard size.
  7. The catalog attributes of lines are now translated correctly when changing the language.
  8. The creation of components containing certain special characters now succeeds.
  9. Fixes a bug in the designation of sub-objects.
  10. Some descriptions in the component library were not displayed correctly.
  11. Connection lines are labeled according to designation rules.
  12. Fixes an error that occurred when renumbering lines.
  13. Duplicate line designations are now recognized.
  14. Improves the insertion of parts lists from QuickSearch.
  15. The actual components are now highlighted more clearly when renumbering.
  16. Improves the position of line attributes.
  17. Allows part number assignment for multiple selected T-distributors.
  18. When inserting a valve terminal from the catalog, it can now be configured directly.
  19. The prefix of installation, circuit and location can optionally be displayed in the title block and in the attribute links.
  20. Updates the supplied Festo product catalog extract and the symbol library.

Version 7.0a 2023-07-12

  1. Customizing connection designations via the common properties dialog did not work.
  2. Inserting elementary symbols did not always work in version 7.
  3. The option “invisible objects appear in parts list” is now correctly interpreted in the reports.
  4. The reference designations could not be assigned in the “Festo” library, which is now separate since version 7.

Version 7.0 2023-06-26

First, official release of FluidDraw 7.