Configurable cylinder

The configurable cylinder can be customized via its properties dialog. Almost any combination of piston type (single-acting, double-acting), the specification of the piston rods (double ended, with magnetic coupling or slide) and the number (none, one, two) is possible. An end position cushioning (without, with, adjustable) can also be defined. FluidSIM automatically adjusts the symbol according to the preset configuration. In addition, a load to be moved (including possible static and sliding friction) and a variable force profile can be defined in the properties dialog. In the component library of FluidSIM there are several pre-configured cylinders that can be inserted in your circuit and directly used. Should no suitable symbol be available, then simply choose the component with the most similarity to the required component, open the properties dialog and adjust the configuration accordingly.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Piston diameter 1 ... 1000 mm 20
Piston rod diameter 0 ... 1000 mm 8
Piston Position 0 ... 5000 mm 0
Maximum stroke 1 ... 5000 mm 200
Mounting angle 0 ... 360 deg 0
Cylinder friction
Designation Range Default value
Reference pressure 0.1 ... 20 bar 6
Reference velocity 0.1 ... 2 m/s 1
Friction at dp_ref 1 ... 5000 N 120
Break-away force at dp_ref 1 ... 5000 N 12
Cylinder mass
Designation Range Default value
Moving mass 0.01 ... 1000 kg 0.3
Designation Range Default value
Leakage 0 ... 10 l/( 0
Spring pressure at x=0 0 ... 10 MPa 0.05
Spring pressure at x=x_max 0 ... 10 MPa 0.1
Damping length 1 ... 100 mm 10
Calculated parameters
Designation Range Default value
Piston area 0 ... 10000 cm2 2.0106
Ring area 0 ... 10000 cm2 1.2252

Failure models

Failure model Description
Internal leakage An internal leakage occurs. The value can be adjusted.
Leakage A A leakage at the left connector A occurs. The value of the leakage is adjustable.
Leakage B A leackage at the right connector B occurs. The value of the leackage is adjustable.
High friction A high friction occurs at the piston. The value of the friction can be adjusted.
Designation Range Default value
Leakage 0 ... 1000 l/( 1
Friction 0 ... 10000000 N.s/m 10000