Synchronizing flow divider/combiner

The flow divider/combiner is a spring loaded, sliding spool, pressure compensated valve used to split flow in one direction and combines flow in the opposite direction by a given flow ratio. A leakage flow from A to B can be specified.

When one port is blocked, the sliding spool can be maximally extended depending on the acting pressures. In this case, a flow is metered from A to B. With the synchronizing feature, this valve can be used to allow two hydraulic cylinders to fully stroke and synchronize at the end of the stroke.

The pressure regulation range determines the differential pressure between A and B, when the sliding spool reaches its maximum displacement. The smaller the pressure regulation range is chosen, the higher the accuracy of the valve is for a given flow ratio.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Hydraulic resistance 1e-6 ... 1000 bar.min2/l2 0.01
Leakage A–B 0 ... 100 l/( 0
Ratio qA : qB 0.1 ... 10 1
Pressure regulation range 0.001 ... 10 MPa 0.025