Flow Divider/Combiner

The flow divider/combiner is a spring loaded, sliding spool, pressure compensated valve used to split flow in one direction and combines flow in the opposite direction by a given flow ratio. A leakage flow from A to B can be specified.

The pressure regulation range determines the differential pressure between A and B, when the sliding spool reaches its maximum displacement. The smaller the pressure regulation range is chosen, the higher the accuracy of the valve is for a given flow ratio.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Hydraulic resistance 1e-6 ... 1000 bar.min2/l2 0.01
Leakage A–B 0 ... 100 l/(min.bar) 0
Ratio qA : qB 0.1 ... 10 1
Pressure regulation range 0.001 ... 10 MPa 0.025