Proportional amplifier, 2-channel

The amplifier is used to control proportional valves with two magnets. For this purpose, nominal values (voltage signals) from -10 V to +10 V are transformed into the necessary magnetic current for the proportional valves. Output A is gated at a nominal value between 0 V and -10 V, output B between 0 V and -10 V. In FluidSIM the amplifier is coupled to the respective valve with the help of two labels. The maximum currents at the amplifier outputs are hereby automatically adjusted in relation to the coupled valves. A step current relative to the maximum current can be specified, in order to compensate the positive overlap of proportional valves. The amplifier requires a power supply of 24 V.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Current (max) 0.01 ... 30 A 0.1
Jump current 0 ... 25 % 0
Resistance 1 ... 10000 Ohm 100
Minimum voltage 0.1 ... 300 V 20