Loop controller

The status controller is especially suitable for controlling pneumatic positioning circuits. A pneumatic positioning circuit counts to the controlled systems that can only be unsatisfactorily controlled with a standard controller. Three parameters can be attributed to the present status controller: position, speed and acceleration of the piston. The controller is therefore referred to as a triple loop controller. Speed and acceleration are not measured with sensors out of cost reasons. They are calculated by the controller from the differences in position. The adjustable parameters refer to the status controller in the Technology Package TP111 Closed-loop pneumatics TP511 Closed-loop hydraulics from Festo Didactic.

The output voltage restriction can be set within the range (i) -10 V to + 10 V or (ii) 0 V to +10 V. In the range (i), a manipulated variable offset from -7 V to + 7 V can be specified, and in the range (ii) a manipulated variable offset from 1.5 V to 8.5 V can be specified. The status controller requires a power supply of 24 V.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Range selection -10 .. 10 V, 0 .. 10 V -10 .. 10 V
Deviation gain 0 ... 10 1
Velocity damping 0 ... 100 ms 0
Acceleration damping 0 ... 10 ms2 0
Total gain 0 ... 1000 1
Control quantity offset -7 ... 7 V 0
Minimum voltage 0.1 ... 300 V 21.6