The relay picks up when a certain percentage of the nominal voltage is applied and drops out again when the voltage falls below a certain percentage of the nominal voltage. The buildup and dissipation of the magnetic field is not modeled. However, a pickup delay and a dropout delay may be specified.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Rated voltage 0.1 ... 400 V 24
On-delay 0.01 ... 10000 ms 10
Off-delay 0.01 ... 10000 ms 8
Rated power 0.1 ... 10000 W 1.5
Pick-up voltage 0 ... 100 % 70
Drop-out voltage 0 ... 100 % 30

Failure models

Failure model Description
Relay coil broken The relay cannot pick up because current cannot flow through the broken relay coil.
Relay coil shortcut The installation of the coil is faulty, creating a short circuit. The coil resistance specified in the failure configuration is used.
Relay picked up permanently The contacts are being actuated permanently due to a mechanical defect.
Relay does not pick up The contacts cannot be actuated due to a mechanical defect.
Relay does not drop out Once the relay has picked up, it no longer drops out.
Designation Range Default value
Resistance 1e-3 ... 1E8 Ohm 1