Relay coil with switch-off delay (AC)

The relay coil picks up immediately when AC current is applied to it and then drops out after a preset time when current is no longer flowing through it. The relay coil can also be actuated with direct current. In this case though, it must be noted that a higher actuating current flows through the coil due to the lack of reactance.

The relay coil is modeled as a series connection of an ideal resistor and an ideal coil. The resistance and inductance are automatically calculated from the component parameters.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Delay time 0 ... 999 s 5
Nominal values, Coil (Alternating current)
Designation Range Default value
Effective (RMS) voltage 0.1 ... 600 V 230
Apparent power 0.1 ... 10000 W 15
Power factor cos φ 0.001 ... 1 0.35
Frequency 30 ... 100 Hz 50