Relay coil with switch-on delay (AC)

The relay coil picks up after a preset time when it is energized with AC current and drops out when it no longer has current flowing through it. The relay coil can also be actuated with direct current. In this case though, it must be noted that a higher actuating current flows through the coil due to the lack of reactance.

The relay coil is modeled as a series connection of an ideal resistor and an ideal coil. The resistance and inductance are automatically calculated from the component parameters.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Delay time 0 ... 999 s 5
Nominal values, Coil (Alternating current)
Designation Range Default value
Effective (RMS) voltage 0.1 ... 600 V 230
Apparent power 0.1 ... 10000 W 15
Power factor cos φ 0.001 ... 1 0.35
Frequency 30 ... 100 Hz 50