DC series motor

The DC series motor is a machine for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy (rotary motion). Its armature and excitation windings are connected in series.

Terminals L+ and L- are used to connected supply power. If L+ is connected to positive potential and L- is connected to ground, the motor turns in the direction specified in the parameters. Terminal 1 is a rotary terminal mechanism. A motor test bench or a further motor can be connected here, for example. (The direction of rotation is usually reversed via the connection. This can be selected with the connecting cable.)

Idling speed of the motor can be indicated as a ratio to nominal rotary speed with the parameter Idle revolution : Rated speed. The absolute value of idling speed is determined by multiplying nominal speed by the specified ratio (e.g. nominal rotary speed 2000 rpm * 1.1 = idling speed 2200 rpm).

Winding resistances are calculated automatically based on the entered parameters.

Adjustable parameters

Nominal values
Designation Range Default value
Power 0.001 ... 1000 kW 0.3
Revolution 1 ... 30000 1/min 2000
Voltage 1 ... 10000 V 220
Current 0.01 ... 100 A 1.9
Ratio Idle revolution : Rated speed
Designation Range Default value
n_0 : n_N 1.001 ... 100 1.7
Designation Range Default value
Direction of rotation Right, Left Right
External torque 0 ... 100 N.m 0
Designation Range Default value
Inductance 1e-6 ... 10 H 0.001
Designation Range Default value
Inductance 1e-6 ... 10 H 0.001