LED, red

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor component that emits light and has the electrical characteristics of a diode. If an electric current is flowing through the diode in forward direction, it emits light with a wavelength that depends on the semiconductor material and doping.

To make the use of the LED as a simple signal indicator easier, FluidSIM allows setting the color independent of the physical characteristics.

Since version 5.6c the maximum power P_max can be specified. If this value is exceeded during simulation, the diode burns out. For reasons of compatibility with older circuit diagrams, the default value is unrealistically high.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Maximum power 0.1 ... 100000 W 1000
Reference voltage 0.1 ... 100 V 2
Reference current 1 ... 10000 mA 25
Resistance in series 0.001 ... 1000 Ohm 9
Saturation current 1e-15 ... 100 A 1e-12