A potentiometer is an electrical resistance component with mechanically adjustable (by means of rotation or sliding) resistance values. It provides three connectors and is mainly used as a continuously adjustable voltage divider.

A failure model can be selected for the symbol.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Potentiometer position 0 ... 100 % 0
Resistance 1E-4 ... 100000 kOhm 1
Protective resistance 1E-6 ... 1000 Ohm 1e-6

Failure models

Failure model Description
Faulty resistance value The resistor specified in the failure configuration is used, in order to simulate an excessive resistance for example.
Faulty position value The component is simulated with a faulty position value.
Designation Range Default value
Resistance 1e-3 ... 1E8 Ohm 10
Potentiometer position 0 ... 100 % 50