In FluidSIM the terminal/potential symbol is assigned to the power supply. The symbol is therefore connected by default to a potential, e.g. 12 V.

The voltages calculated in FluidSIM are calculated as potentials relative to 0 V (ground) and can be displayed on the connectors of the electrical symbols.

In automobile applications, terminal 15 is only connected to a potential via the ignition switch. For this reason the Properties dialog window for the symbol allows the user to specify that the symbol should not be given a potential. In this case, the symbol functions like the end of a line. If the ignition switch is not represented in the circuit diagram, terminal 15 can be connected to a potential directly.

If the symbol is connected to a potential directly, the voltage level is displayed on the symbol. Furthermore, the symbol can be clicked during the simulation to disconnect it from the potential, as with a switch.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Connected to potential true
Voltage 0 ... 400 V 12
Switched on true

Failure models

Failure model Description
Faulty voltage value The nominal voltage specified in the failure configuration is used. This may lead to an unexpected flow of current.
Designation Range Default value
Voltage 0 ... 400 V 0