Closing cartridge valve

The 2/2-way cartridge valve is a 2/2-way valve. It is fitted with two working ports and the two switch positions closed and open. Whether or not the cartridge valve is open or closed depends on the effective areas A and X, the adjacent pressures pA, and pX, as well as the spring force. A=X is valid.

If pA*A > pX*X + F, then the valve closes, otherwise it is open.

The valve therefore operates purely pressure dependent and can, with the appropriate control, assume directional-, flow- and pressure functions. The spring force is specified by means of the nominal pressure. This is the minimum pressure, with pressureless connections at B and X, necessary at connection A to open the valve.

The hydraulic resistance relates to the completely opened valve.

Adjustable parameters

Stroke limitation
Designation Range Default value
Type Without stroke limiter, With stroke limiter Without stroke limiter
Maximum stroke 0 ... 100 % 100
Designation Range Default value
Opening pressure 0 ... 40 MPa 0.5
Area 0.1 ... 100 cm2 6
Pressure regulation range 0.01 ... 10 MPa 0.05
Hydraulic resistance 1e-6 ... 1000 bar.min2/l2 0.01