Reversible pump-motor unit with two directions of flow and variable displacement volume, external drain and two directions

The pump/motor-unit can be used as a pump as well as a motor. The mode of operation has to be selected for simulation. In operation mode Pump the number of revolutions selected by the user is imparted. In operation mode Motor the number of revolutions results from the flow rate among other things.

The number of revolutions can be set for both rotation directions. The displacement volume can also be changed during simulation.

The leakage flow has to be diverted using connector L.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Operating mode Pump, Motor Pump
Revolution -5000 ... 5000 1/min 1450
Flow rate ratio 0 ... 100 % 100
Maximum pressure 1 ... 400 bar 160
Displacement 0.001 ... 5 l 0.008
Leakage 0 ... 10 l/( 0.01
External torque -1000 ... 1000 N.m 0
Friction 0.001 ... 100 N.m.s/rad 0.0108
Moment of inertia 0.0001 ... 10 kg.m2 0.0001