Pressure intensifier

The pressure intensifier converts a low input pressure to a higher output pressure according to the intensification ratio r.

An oscillating pump piston, which will be automatically reversed in the end positions by a hydraulically-operated valve, is installed in the intensifier. The ratio of the piston areas corresponds to the intensification ratio r. For unhindered flow in the low-pressure range, the pump piston will be bypassed by means of a bypass-line. A pilot-controlled check valve shuts off the high pressure.

An internal leakage between connections IN and R can be defined by G_leak.

The exact component parameters are not available in general. The characteristics Transmission ratio, Maximum pressure (IN), Max. flow rate (IN) and Max. flow rate (H) can be taken from the data sheets. The component parameters are estimated based on the data sheets.

q_max_hi (Max. flow rate (H)) relates to a flow at connection H with a counter pressure of 60% of the maximum operating pressure.