Vacuum efficiency valve

If multiple suction cups are supplied with vacuum by one vacuum suction nozzle, the vacuum will collapse if one or more cups do not form a suction grip on the workpiece or workpieces. To prevent this, so-called vacuum security valves are used.

Vacuum security valves are installed between the vacuum suction nozzle and the suction cup. If, during vacuum generation, a suction cup is uncovered, or only partly covered, the vacuum security valve automatically stops the influx of air.

If the suction cup is open to the environment, the float is pressed up against the housing by the vacuum. In this position, air can only flow through a small hole at the front of the float, greatly reducing the air flow. If a workpiece comes in contact with the suction cup, the air flow is reduced and the spring forces the float downward. The air flow flows around the float, with the larger opening allowing generation of a complete vacuum in the suction cup.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Min. spring pressure 0 ... 1 bar 0.1
Max. Spring pressure 0.01 ... 1 bar 0.2
Min. Flow rate at p1-p2 = 50 kPa 0.001 ... 1000 l/min 1.9
Max. Flow rate at p1-p2 = 50 kPa 0.1 ... 1000 l/min 4