Single-level ejector with push-out unit (Vacuum generator)

The vacuum generator functions like the vacuum suction nozzle, except that an integrated reservoir is filled with air during the suction process. When the input line is switched off, the compressed air stored in the reservoir discharges in a pulse via the port (quick exhaust), securely repelling the suctioned workpiece from the vacuum cup.

The volume can be enlarged by means of an additional port. This additional volume allows the energy of the vent pulse to be varied as required.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Maximum vacuum -0.999 ... 0 bar -0.85
Operating pressure for max. vacuum 0.1 ... 20 bar 4.25
Air consumption at 600 kPa 1 ... 1000 l/min 11.6
Max. suction rate 0.1 ... 1000 l/min 6
Volume 0.001 ... 10 l 0.05