Semi-rotary actuator

The semi-rotary actuator is controlled by a reciprocal input of compressed air.

In the end positions the semi-rotary actuator can activate switches or valves via labels.

An external load is determined by a mass. The distance e from the center of gravity of the mass to the rotation axis can be specified. An additional moment of inertia is calculated with J = m * e * e from the distance and the mass. If the rotation axis is horizontal to the earth surface, also an additional torque is taken into account, which results from the force of gravity, the rotation angle and the distance e. The position of the mass refers to the angle of rotation 0.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Initial Position 0 ... 360 deg 0
Rotation angle (max) 1 ... 360 deg 180
Torque (6 bar) 0.01 ... 1000 N.m 2
Moment of inertia 1e-005 ... 1 kg.m2 0.0001
Friction 0.01 ... 100 N.m.s/rad 0.1
External torque -1000 ... 1000 N.m 0
External load
Designation Range Default value
Axis of rotation Horizontal, Vertical Horizontal
Position Left, Right, Top, Bottom Left
Moving mass 0 ... 10000 kg 0
Distance to axis of rotation 1 ... 10000 mm 10