Proportional pressure regulator

The regulating valve is intended for regulating pressure proportionally to a specified setpoint value given by a voltage. A built-in pressure sensor records the pressure at the working port and compares this value with the setpoint value. If the actual value differs from the setpoint value, the regulating valve is actuated until the outlet pressure reaches the setpoint value.

Adjustable parameters

Designation Range Default value
Standard nominal flow rate 0.1 ... 5000 l/min 850
Characteristic curve p_set(U_in)
Designation Range Default value
Voltage (Min.) 0.1 ... 100 V 0
Voltage (Max.) 0.1 ... 100 V 10
Nominal pressure (U_min) 0 ... 20 bar 0
Nominal pressure (U_max) 0 ... 20 bar 6
Pressure regulation range 0.01 ... 10 bar 0.15